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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tournament report: O&G 1000 pts, 2nd game

This continues the 1000 point tournament report initially posted here. For my second game, I got to move to a table outside on the picnic tables, which was different and fun, until I saw what I was going up against.

Game 2: Dwarfs
Feeling confident after disposing the Vampire Queen, the Waaagh! then came upon an outpost of Dwarfs - A Thane joined by 20 Hammerers, 19 Warriors, a large scary unit of 20 Thunderers and that damned Organ Gun. The Orc Shaman could reveal that the stone hedge they were guarding was in fact an Arcane Ruin, a structure that would allow any wizard to channel up to 4 dice instead of only 1. The Scenario was a Dawn Battle, where we would roll for each unit before deploying it to decide at which part of the battlefield that would be. Unfortunately for the Dwarfs, after centering most of their forces it turned out the Hammerers had gotten their signals wrong and had marched far out on the western flank, away from their brethren and kin. The Warboss, not below such simple tactics as taking advantage of a mismatch, ordered the majority of his ladz to deploy in the middle, hoping to hit the Stunties hard before their Elite guard could arrive.

Rounds 1-2
I was a bit concerned about the firepower facing me, with both the Thunderers and the Organ Gun taking aim against the Orc Boyz (no idea why people insist on shooting at them – always shoot at the support units when facing greenskins!). The Thunderers took down 3 orcs, while the Organ Gun misfired. As punishment, the Shaman called on Gork’s Warpath that took out a crewman, then continued on to stomp 4 dwarfs and crushing their cowardly guns beneath his warty feet. Finally, the Doom Diver sent a goblin straight into the already damaged Organ Gun and wrecked it beyond repair.
In the second round, the Warboss once again called on the Waaagh! and the troops surged forward. The Squig Herd declared a charge against the Thunderers, who elected to stand and shoot, killing off a few before the mushroom beasties charged into them, joined as they were by a late charge of the Boar Chariot. The combined might of the Squigs (who hate dwarfs) and the impacts hits from the chariot prove to be too much for the Thunderers, who break and are chased down by the Swiftstriding chariot while the Herd reforms in the flank of the Warriors.

Round 3-4
Seeing no other option than to hope they break the Green line before the Squigs hit their flanks, the Warriors charges south straight into Orc Boyz while the Hammerers and the Thane march towards the action. Sadly, there is little 19 Warriors can do against a Lord level character and his 25 boyz strong unit, who shakes off the dwarven assault and runs the Stunties down. In a desperate attempt to even the odds, the Hammerers declare a charge against the pursuing Orcs but come up short. That opens up both their flanks, as the Night Goblins and the Wolf Chariot hit them from the south, the Boar Chariot from the north, while Squigs and Boyz join up to hit the Hammerers in front.

Round 5-6
Faced with such overwhelming odds, the Thane bravely accepts the Warboss’ bark of a challenge (I should have known better, but I couldn’t resist the epic-ness of it). As the Shaman channels the power of the nearby Arcane Ruins, he imbues the Orcs with a “Bash ‘Em Ladz!” spell, granting them ASF and the ability to re-roll any misses. 19 Hammerers die before they get to strike, and the Thane survives the heavy hits of the Warboss with a single wound remaining. As only the champion is left standing, the dwarves still count as a stubborn unit and pass their break test, giving the Thane another chance to punish the Warboss for claiming the lives of so many of his brethren. 3 attacks hitting on 4’s and wounding on 4’s all hit home, and I proceed to fail three chances on 4+ armor save, followed by the 4+ ward save, and so the Warboss tumble from his mighty boar and hits the ground, just as the final Hammerer falls and the Thane is crushed beneath so many green feet stomping home their victory, despite having foolishly lost their general.

Result: WIN 9-1

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