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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goblin 1500 pts, Tournament

I'm going to partake in a casual, friendly 1500 points team tournament (single matches, but you score as a team). So friendly, in fact, that we'll be running open lists that are posted ahead of time for general approval (filthy lists results in a beating), so that means I won't have that much use of fanatics and other hidden tricks.

I've been running orc-heavy, Big Waaaghing armies since the dawn of the 8th edition, and quite frankly have been growing a bit weary of them. Instead, I'd like to try my luck with an all-gobbo force, using more cunning, sneaky tactics and shooting. I'm not really looking to win much, I'd just like to have a good time and try out a different aspect of the Orcs & Goblins.

Even though it's only a small army, I can still afford to have it be lead by a Gobbo Warboss and a Great Shaman, as I'll need both the added leadership and as many good spells as possible. I welcome all input on my list; what you'd change if you were me, or if you were my opponent - how would you go about defeating it?

Goblin Warboss
Light Armor, Shield, Martog's Best Basha, Dragonhelm, Amulet of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon
4+ Armor Save and 4+ Ward Save to keep my general safe, with a cheap yet effective magical weapon and some protection for his unit against war machines.

Night Goblin Great Shaman
Dragonbane Gem, 1x Magic Mushroom
Only 15 points of magical items, but a single mushroom can surprise people at the end of the magic phase, and the +2 Ward Save against Flaming Attacks can be used to protect him now that I'll know which enemies have the flaming banner.

Goblin Big Boss
Light Armor, Battle Standard Bearer, Spider Banner
Grants his unit Poisoned Attacks. I've thought about using this item for a long time but never really got the opportunity until now. He'll be placed on the very edge of a unit to give out all the benefits of his banner and remain there as long as possible. If something too nasty attacks, he'll leave the unit and provide the leadership re-roll from the back.

40 Goblins
Shields, Shortbows
Full Command

A lot of people don't like common goblins and for good reason, but this is one of the ways how I think they can be utilized - the swiss army gobbo! Equipped with both bows and shields (and hand weapons naturally) these guys will actually deploy in Horde formation and be joined by the BSB. They'll shoot 30 poisoned volley shoots and get somewhere between 21-30 attacks in close combat (also poisoned if the BSB has the courage to remain) while still getting a 5+ armor save with the parry bonus. On higher point levels, these wouldn't be as impressive, but on smaller battles I think these will do well.

30 Night Goblins
Shields, Nets
Full Command

This is usually where the Warboss goes, to keep him protected with the nets. I would have liked to make this unit larger, but I'm a bit short on painted models for this and still think 30 will do the trick, which is to take a charge and hold on long enough for backup to arrive.

2 Snotlings
Usual thing with these guys, stand in the way to force unfavourable overruns and similar. The times I don't bring snotlings I always end up missing them.

Squig Herd
4 teams, 20 models
For 120 points, there are few other units in Warhammer that gives you more bang for your buck than a Squig Herd. As usual, this unit will do the flanking once my gobbo blocks take the charge.

Goblin Wolf Chariot
Would have liked to bring two of these, but I'm limited by models. This one will combo-charge alongside the Night Goblins most likely

2x Goblin Rock Lobber & Goblin Doom Diver
This is where I can spend the points saved on going all-goblin instead of bringing the orcs. As my army list in general is more focused on shooting and sneaky magic tricks, I think focus firing on a nasty unit/monster with all my artillery + the poison gobbos can take care of anything that I come up against.

6 Trolls
At last, one of my favourite units in the new edition. With the Squig Herd on one flank and the trolls on the other, I feel I have two strong hammer units to support my gobbo blocks.

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