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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tournament report: O&G 1000 pts, 3rd game

So as luck would have it, due to two quite convincing wins I actually found myself in the finals match of the tournament, set to be played out on a windy dock, which was quite an unusual setting as far as our regular wargaming goes. Fortunately, I only managed to lose a single loose page from my army book as it flew from my hands, and drop the top of my standard bearer pole as it was tipped over by the wind.

Game 3: Dark Elves
My opponent was playing a Dark Elf army that had gone 20-0 in the two games so far, much I believe due to his Supreme Sorceress (level 3) who was using spells from the Lore of Death. Alongside her flew a Master BSB on a Dark Pegasus (with the Pendant of Khaleth), 30 Spearelves, 5 Witch Elves, 5 Harpies and a Hydra. They deployed in the north next to a forest, while the orcs made their setup in the south, close to a hill while a pool of water could be found in the middle of the field. The Supreme Sorceress was to use the spells Spirit Leech (D6+leadership, I take as many wounds as I lose by), Doom and Darkness (-3 to leadership) and the Purple Sun of Xereus (magical vortex that kills everything in touches that fails Initiative save). My Shaman got the Gaze of Mork (D6 S4 Magic Missiles) and Bash ‘Em Ladz! (ASF, re-roll misses on one unit).

Round 1-2
The early rounds were particularly calm and calculated as far as movement goes, as the elves were content with hanging back while the Supreme Sorceress tried to take out my Warboss with her spells, managing to get the Spirit Leech through on one occasion, inflicting a single wound, after ward saves. Similarly, the Orcs were unwilling to commit a charge into the Spearelves until they had taken care of the support. The Shaman destroyed all but one of the Harpies with the Gaze of Mork, while the Doom Diver took out the Witch Elves with a flying gobbo. But the flying Master Elf caused unwanted tension in the Greenskin line, as the Pegasus hovered in the air, constantly out of sight from the Boar Chariot and the Squig Herd who kept turning after it to be ready for the charge. To the east, the Hydra took two salvos of flaming arrows from the Night Goblins as it tried to charge, but failed to reach all the way through and felt a stinging wound for its efforts. The Doom Diver hurt it once as well, taking it down to only three wounds remaining.

Round 3-4
Halfway through the battle, the Hydra commit to charging the Night Goblins who loosed another salvo into its hide and prepared the nets in order to lessen the impacts of its many biting heads. Succeeding in their attempt, the Hydra found itself ensnared by the gobbo nets, but still managed to take out seven of the little snots, who remained steadfast with both the BSB in the unit and the Warboss nearby. Snarling his disapproval, the Dark Elf player realized the Hydra would probably need a few rounds to dispose of the gobbos before it could join the Master in battle, as he had just landed his Pegasus to the right of the Orc Boyz, hoping to be able to hit it in the rear and flank, pinning it in place as the Spears would then move forward. While the plan was a sound one, the Master had forgotten what waited to the east of the Doom Diver, and unwillingly found himself within the arc of sight of the Wolf Chariot which had been lying in wait! Shrieking with glee, the gobbos charged in. Meanwhile, the single Harpy still alive after the magic blast was bothering the Orcs by standing in the way, hoping to lure them into a bad position, and as such the Warboss charged out on his boar to rid them all of the pesky little she-fiend. The Doom Diver took aim at the spears, but the gobbo scattered a long way south, safely away from the elves. Or so they thought, as the little fellow found himself flying straight into the Master on the Pegasus! The little gobbo inflicted 6 hits on the elf, which all wounded, but he prayed to Khaine that his pendant would keep him safe. Needing only not to roll 6’s with six dice, he ended up rolling three of them and thus the Master and his mount hit the ground dead before even the Wolf Chariot could attack it. Snarling with rage, the Hydra disposed of another five goblins but the BSB managed to inspire them to hold on.

Round 5-6
All eyes focused on the battle between the Hydra and the Night Goblins for the final rounds. The Dark Elves reasoned that if Hydra could fight off the pesky snots in the next rounds, it could then reform and hit the Boyz in the rear while the Spears fought them in the front. Thus inspired, the Spearelves marched forward to meet them, as both the Boyz and the Squig Herd crossed the water to proceed with duh smashin’. Magic proved ineffective, with the Shaman continuing to ward off the Sorceress’ attempt to assassinate the Warboss. In battle, the Goblin Standard Bearer, burning sticka’ and all, hurt the Hydra for another wound after disposing of a handler, before the beast took out another large chunk of the unit. No longer steadfast and outside the Warboss’ barking reach, the Night Goblins broke and ran for the hills. The Hydra, whom the Elves prayed would reform and join them in battle, had already lost its handlers and so failed its leadership test. With a roar, it charged after the Night Goblins, chewed them up whole but now found itself to be too far away from aiding the Spearelves against the green tide rolling towards them. The Warboss declared the Waaaaaagh! before charging into the front of the elves, while the Squig Herd hit them in the flank. The Shaman implored the Boyz magically to Bash Em! and fifteen elves hit the ground after the initial impact, and the rest broke and ran, but was caught by the hungry Squigs. Meanwhile in the south, both the chariots (who had remained behind) charged into the Hydra still chewing on a gobbo leg. The ensuing impact hits (2D6+2 S5) managed to inflict the single wound needed to put the beasty to rest, and hammered home the victory for the Orcs & Goblins.

Result: WIN 9-1

The final victory propelled me to 26 points in total, which was actually enough for me to win the tournament (another Dark Elf came second with 25 points). Even though we were only 26 contestants, I was still very happy to do have done so well, particularly as the top 5 consisted of Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, followed by more Dark Elves (my finals opponent). It all came together quite nicely for me; I used a fairly straight-forward strategy throughout the tournament (2-on-1 matchups in combat, take out support units with spells and shooting), employed a successful tactic in all three games (take out the Ghouls while occupying the Grave Guards in the first game, take out the Thunderers and the Warriors before the Hammerers arrive in the second game, and hold up the Hydra while hitting the Spearelves in the third game). Of course, I was lucky with the dice too; I got the spells I needed for each game and taking out a Master on Dark Pegasus with (what’s really) a +2 ward save with a stray Doom Diver hit was of course a highlight I’ll treasure for some time.
For 1st prize, I got some new GW releases that I would have never bought myself, which I guess is nice.

All in all, the tournament was a lot of fun, and especially enjoyable to do so well with the O&G.

Thanks for reading!

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