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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tournament report: O&G 1000 pts, 1st game

Well, I went to the tournament and pleasantly surprised, as my greenskins managed to do fairly well. It was a beautiful day and the place we had hired had a great view overlooking the lake. As it was really hot outside, we actually carried most of the gaming tables outside on the picnic tables and fought our miniature battles out in the sun. Sadly, despite having bought a fancy new camera, I've yet to figure out a way to remind myself to take photos while playing. As such, I'm afraid I only have a picture of my own army from the event to show you, and a report from the first battle.

Game 1: Vampire Counts
An upstart Vampire Lady Lord strangely blessed with the Lore of Light magic, had brought with her 25 Ghouls with poisonous claws, 20 Grave Guards in heavy armor and carrying shields, 5 Dire Wolves and a fiendish Varghulf monster. The scenario was a regular Battleline, with both forces lining up traditionally and hoping only to destroy one another. In the middle was a bloody Altar of Khaine, which would make any warrior frenzied if it came within 6" of it. The Vampire approached from the north, while Da Boyz made camp in the south.

Turn 1-2
Both armies march forward, hoping to get within a favorable position of the Altar before the enemy does. The Doom Diver takes a wound of the Varghulf, while the Orc Shaman takes out 3 of the Dire Wolves with a Gaze of Mork spell. The Necromancer manages to wisp the Varghulf into the Night Goblins on the first turn and the Vampire imbues it with extra skill and speed in combat. Still, the Night Goblins put their swords to the burning banner of the BSB and torches the Varghulf for another wound before it chops up a whole rank of their fellow gits.

On the second turn, the Warboss calls for the Waaagh! and the Horde surges forward. Da Boyz joins forces with the Boar Chariot and together they smash into the Ghouls, while the Squig Herd charges into the Grave Guard, where the Vampire lurks. Both units find themselves within range of the Altar in the middle, giving them an extra attack each in the following battle, while the undead are left out of the vicious powers. To further ensure the mayhem, the Shaman invokes the Waaaaagh! spell from Gork, granting all green units the Always Strike First rule and makes them able to re-roll misses in combat. Suitably inspired, the Wolf Chariot then crashes into the Dire Wolves threatening the Doom Diver.

Da Boyz and Warboss chops up enough Ghouls to only leave 6 standing after crumbling, and the Herd eats up a half-dozen Grave Guards, while leaving the Vampire Lady Lord and her Necromancer halfway back to the grave, with one wound remaining on each. The Herd loses the combat, the Squigs run wild and chews up a few more Grave Guard and Ghouls before running off. The Vampiress thus looks around, eager to flank the Boyz battling what remains of the Ghouls, only to find a swift-moving, barely controllable Wolf Chariot heading their way after destroying the Dire Wolves!

Rounds 3-4
The Wolf Chariot inflicts enough impacts hits to leave only the Grave Guard Champion and the Vampire Lord standing (the Necromancer joins his troops in the grave) and the chariot holds on with a single goblin still on top of the wooden structure. Meanwhile, the Boyz chops up the remaining Ghouls, reforms, and the Warboss charges out on his frenzied boar. Together with the chariot, they send the Vampire back to the ground. They all then focus their attention on the Varghulf, who have just finished up hacking through the Night Goblins and turns to glare up at the Doom Diver on the hill. The goblins respond by sending one of their own flying through the air towards the monster, but the missile only manages to inflict a wound before the monster charges them.

Rounds 5-6
Still chewing on the Doom Diver crew, the Varghulf tries to escape the Orcs by overrunning into the middle. But the Shaman would have none of it and with another spell of Waaaaagh! he sends both the Orc Boyz, the Warboss and the Boar Chariot into the already injured monster, and the beasty is put down right in front of the altar to the God of Murder, leaving only Gork's greenest still standing.

Result: WIN 8-2

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