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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Orc Arrer Boyz painted

Still continuing on with the Orc theme; here are my smaller mob of Arrer Boyz. I wanted to capture some of the greenskin squabble, as per usual, along with some orc brutality, so I included the metal animosity scene from the GW Collector's range. I think it works quite well alongside the rest of the boyz.

As you'll probably notice, most of these are the old metal boyz, but I've added in two plastic boyz with bitz from the Orc Boar Boyz kit; the musician, as you can see, has got a horn to blow in courtesty of said Boar Boyz.

I usually want my Arrer Boyz small, to go on a flank and shoot down diverters before supporting charging whatever is fighting my larger mobs. Arrer Boyz are, after all, one of the best shooting units in Warhammer at fighting in close combat.