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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gobbos vs High Elves, 2500 pts

For the first of my two battles this weekend, the Gobbos were to go up against High Elves in a Witch Hunt scenario, and what turned out to be the smallest army I had ever encountered at 2500 points (and I face a lot of Chaos Warriors...). Yes, my opponent had brought a Prince flying a Star Dragon to the fight, but grinned painfully when he noticed my Rock Lobbers, Doom Divers and Spear Chukkas. What points remained after the point behemoth of a Dragon Prince had been spent in a large-ish unit of White Lions, a Lion Chariot, a regiment of Spearelves and another regiment of Seaguards. The Elves had also brought two Mages at level 2 each, an Eagle and a Noble with the Battle Standard.

I got the first turn and mainly moved my Wolf Riders up to bait and flee from his White Lions, preventing them from marching their full distance. Then my Rock Lobbers dropped a stone straight in the head of the Prince, who failed his ward save and got splattered. The Doom Diver and Wolf Riders blessed by the Spider-God inflicted three wounds on the Star Dragon. It passed the Monster test, however, and flew forward straight in the middle to threaten my Arachnarok, who was really showing his worth by allowing all my shamans to channel on 3-4+ in both my own and the enemy magic phase, effectively making most of my spells go through while very few of ever saw the light of the day. In the second round, my poisonous arrows and another shot by the Doom Diver took down the Star Dragon. The Rock Lobbers begun to bombarde the elven regiments, taking out plenty of stinky elves, while my Shamans glared destructively at the White Lions, inflicting plenty of S3 hits from their magic missiles. Sneaky as they were, the Spider Riders charged the flank of the Lion Chariot, lost one of their own, but sending the elves hurrying for cover but not making it before the goblins cut them down.

After that, it was time to charge with the rest of my army, since I failed my animosity checks, and so howling with glee, bored from just shooting at their foes, the Gobbos charged out of the forest. Two big mobs, a Wolf Chariot and a Pump Wagon hit the White Lions, killing them to a man, while the Spider Riders and my Wolf Rider Big Boss charged each flank of what was left of the Spearelves (a rank or so, give or take) and killed them off. Finally, the Seaguards were chopped down by my Night Goblin mob, and that was it.

This battle probably seems pretty straight-forward to you, and it was. Really, this one was over by turn two when 1/4 of his army points and his main weapon had been shot down by 1/10 of mine - the rest was just mob up work really. He did manage to take out my Shamans before I chased down his (cursed elven speed...) giving him the objective points, but this one was really one-sided.