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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Army list musings, Fanatic 2500 pts #3

After these last games, I have to say I'm starting to feel very pleased with my army in its current shape and form. It is a bit light on deployments for an Orcs and Goblins army (I actually finished up before the Chaos one) but since most of the times I know quite well where I want most of my mobs to go, I don't really care that much about waiting for my opponents units to deploy. Also, since it's an army that wants to get into battle early, especially with two monsters vulnerable to artillery, I don't like to give up the +1 to the roll for first turn.

  • The Giant is a keeper. There are plenty of enemy units out there that I just won't have a good answer for that he can take on, and if not he's an excellent support charger. Granted, he's going to do poorly against dual cannon Empire list, or other armies with heavy shooting, but with the Wyvern around most enemies tend to ignore him, which is good.
  • Speaking of the Wyvern, I'm starting to feel that even the Potion of Strength isn't worth getting, since I rarely ever use them (when the Wyvern fights alongside the boyz, enemies tend to break and run immediately). He's up there to lend leadership across the army, and thunderstomp nasty enemies as a support charger. For that, I think I'm alright with just his ward save and the Sword of Striking, leaving more points for other things.
  • One thing that became obvious to me as I fought the Vampires is that I only have a single magic weapon in my army. That's not good, and if my Warboss dies early on, I have few ways of dealing with Ethereal creatures. The Gobbo Shaman might get his magic missiles, but that's only 1/6, and the Fists of Gork spell for the Great Shaman does make his attacks magical, but that's still a bit risky to depend on. So I think I'm going to ditch the magic resistance on the Great Shaman and instead give him back the Warrior Bane. That will make it possible for him to fend off Wraiths and other magical creatures that seek to get in the way of the Savage Boyz.

So with all unit choices settled, now it's mostly a matter of tightening up the points, sorting out unit upgrades and hand out magic items. I'm still a bit torn on whether it's better to get the cheaper outrigga (extra D6 movement) or the spikey roller (S5 impact hits) for the Pump Wagon. I sort of feel that with that many S5 attacks in my army already, it might be better to get some extra speed in.

I'd also like to give the Giant some warpaint, since I am fielding a Savage Orc Shaman after all, but I'm not quite sure where to get the points for it.