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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goblin Shaman painted

I finally got back to painting after not touching the brush for more than a week. Continuing on with my common Goblins, this time I've touched up an old model of mine, a Goblin Shaman. Originally I used rare earth magnets to stick him on top of a Goblin Wolf Chariot, back in the last edition when you'd use a Hero to get an additional chariot into your army despite being filled up on Special choices.

Nowadays he's stuck to an infantry base and will probably work as a Goblin Great Shaman the times when I don't use the Arachnarok as a Spidershrine.

I actually quite like this sculpt, in particular the staff which I think look really tribal and goblin-like. I also like how old and gnarly the goblin himself look: his eyes are stuck far into their sockets, he has barely got any teeth left and he is hunched over as if he struggles to even walk upright. A perfect character for an old Great Shaman in other words.

The painting scheme is more or less like the regular infantry gobbos, beige and brown as it were, but I went with a strong red color on his cloak. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it in the long run, parts of me are crying out for a light brown variant, but only time will tell how that turns out.