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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

O&G vs Vampire Counts, 2500 pts

For the second game this past weekend I went up against the Vampire Counts, led by a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon! Wow, had never faced one of those before. What remained of the points were spent on two lesser Vampires, one of them a fighter of Red Fury, the second one a Ghoul raiser with the Helm of Commandment (gives out WS to one unit). His forces consisted of a large regiment of Grave Guards with shields and handweapons, an even larger unit of Skeletons, two regiments of Ghouls, some Dire Wolves and the Black Coach.

Combat between the Wyvern Warboss and the Black Coach, with surprising results

Things of note:
  • Wyvern Warboss - I wanted to take out his Black Coach early on, realizing it would only ruin magic phases for us both until it had gained far too many abilities for my liking. So I landed the Wyvern in front of it, daring it to charge the necessary 17" required to smash into me. He took the bait and the Coach got the 9+ he needed to roll, but that alone did not frighten me, as I was certain I'd be able to take him down in a round or two of combat despite the impact hits. That was until we rolled up 12 dice for winds of magic and the Coach gained the Killing Blow rule. None of the impact hits managed to wound, and my Warboss took the Coach down to one or two wounds remaining, surely it would shatter from my combat resolution. But the Wraith in the driver's set would have none of it, and so he swung his axe, hit all of his attacks and managed to get a killing blow on my Warboss. My wardsave failed me, and that was it for my General. Although the Wyvern decided to protect the fallen body of the Warboss, turning unbreakable, the Coach had struck a huge blow to my army.
  • Trolls - With no General, the Trolls were confused and lumbered forward aimlessly. The Black Orc Big Boss carrying the Battle Standard grunted out his dismay and marched over to join up with them for the rest of the battle, just to keep them focused. Although it took them a few rounds to gather their bearings, they finally charged into the Skeletons, who even with a WS of 6 were chopped down in two rounds of combat.
  • Savage Orc Big 'Uns - As the Wyvern and the Black Coach engaged in an eternal battle, the Savages were stuck behind them, eager to get into battle. A powerful Hand of Gork saw them plunk down on the other side of the battlefield, where they charged into a big regiment of Ghouls and defeated them in two rounds. After that, they reformed and charged the Zombie Dragon in the flank. A mistake on my part was that I accepted the Vampire Lord's challenge with my Boss, instead of refusing and hoping that a bundle of S5 attacks along with the combat resolution of my ranks and charge would be enough to crumble him on the charge. Turns out the Vampire was wielding the Blooddrinker sword, who allowed him to heal his wounds whenever he wounded me (which he did, a lot). So after two rounds of combat, my Savage Orcs lost and fled the field despite being Steadfast. That allowed the Zombie Dragon to chase them down and take down my Great Shaman, causing a major dent in the Greenskin horde.
  • Giant - It was up to the Giant then to turn things around. Sadly, he was stuck into combat with a Spirit Host who had been raised. Being unable to wound it with his club, the big guy then decided to yell and brawl twice in four rounds, which made the Spirits fade away. Happy to be free again, the Giant charged in to help the Trolls kill off the Skeletons and the fighter Vampire. Once they were done, they both reformed and together charged into the Grave Guards. Although they did cause a wound or two, fighting both Trolls and Giants was a bit too much for even the Grave Guards, who crumbled after a single round of combat, which just happened to be the final round of the game.
With the Grave Guards dying, only the Vampire Lord on the Zombie Dragon remained, flying around to stay away from the Black Orcs without getting into more combat, while the spellcasting Vampire was running around on her own. Meanwhile, the Greenskin army still had their Black Orcs, the Night Goblins, the Giant, the Trolls and the BSB. Enough for a decent win for the Greenskins, giving me the second win of the day.