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Friday, April 22, 2011

The New Kid On the Block

Hi all. This is Niclas writing - newly signed co-author of the Troll Tales blog. And I thought I'd care to take a moment to introduce myself here. I'm a 24 year old gamer from northern Sweden and have been gaming WHFB and WH40k for about 13 years now and I've tried to attend as many tournaments as I can. I've always been deeply enamoured with the painting side of the hobby as well as the gaming side.

My current project is my skaven army from the mentioned Warpstoned blog (which will be imported here) but I also sport a night goblin army and a lizardmen one. I myself believe the 8th edition of WHFB really is the best yet and I'm having a blast. I'll also say that I gotten a good grip of it and I have had really good results. I intend to learn more, and of course share my thoughts with you. I've written some tactica and unit-reviews on my blog, but feel free to read them when the get moved over here, if thats your cup of tea.

If you're more of the hobbyist type I hope you might enjoy the progress of my army, as I'll post pictures continously as my army grows. I hope you all find my posts interesting, and I hope that me and Dennis may uphold a good amount of quality and quantity for all your Warhammer needs.