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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Cunning Scheme: Armor of Gork and a Wyvern?

I was looking through the new magic items available in the upcoming Orcs and Goblins book and tried to come up with ways to make decent use of them. As many of you will know by now, they're all fairly expensive, mainly Lord level type equipment. However, I'm a bit intrigued by the Armor of Gork, as I think it holds some potential.

Although it takes up all of your available points for magic items, it's a heavy armor that gives the wearer +D3 toughness, as well as D6 impact hits. Now imagine giving that armor to a Warboss on a Wyvern, my new found love of 8th edition. You'll potentially have a toughness of 8, making him very difficult to wound, even for bolt throwers, while the beast and yourself will dish out impact hits and thunderstomps in addition to your regular S6 attacks. Sure, a cannon will still trash you up good, but that's always a risk whenever you bring the flying beasty. If you manage to avoid the artillery armies, you'll have a Warboss that hits like a Stegadon while being cheap enough to be brought in a 1500 point game.