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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snotlings painted

Here are some Snotlings that I recently completed, after gaming with them for so long. Their colors are mostly focused around Gretching Green, as these are my weakest (and thus brighest colored) greenskins.

Not entirely sure how to use these guys in the new edition. They were moved to Special, which doesn't really chance much since they didn't count towards the minimum core points anyway. They have been changed to being Unstable Swarms with 5 wounds and 5 attacks, so no more Stubborn. Most likely I'll use them as I did in the previous book; to buy me additional deployments and moving in front of units to set up favorable charges and overruns for my Orcs. That said, each minimum unit will cost me 10 more points than before, which makes me more hesitant to field them. We shall see.