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Monday, March 14, 2011

Orc Warboss on Wyvern painted

Close-up of the Warboss
This weekend I laid the finishing touches on my Wyvern and his Orc Warboss rider. Some of you may have caught a glimpse of it from various battle report photos, but now it's finally done. It was a joy to paint and not very difficult at all to assemble and pin. I had never tried my hand on a large metal model before and it went fine.

I didn't much like the Azhag model and I usually don't like my characters to look like named ones. So I decided to make a plastic Warboss to ride the lizard instead. The base is, of course, from the plastic Warboss kit, combined with the Boar Boyz, Orc Boyz, Black Orcs, Giant and 40k Nobz kits. Once I had that, I went to my Zombie and Skeleton box for trophies. Since I'd like the possibility to switch riders for my Wyvern - a Black Orc, Savage Orc or Great Shaman, for example - I've added magnets on both the chainmail blanket of the Wyvern and underneath the Warboss.

I really had a good time kitbashing the Warboss. Even though most voices say the plastic Warboss is too small compared to the rank and file (barely any difference) I think it works alright. A few details to look out for is the squashed goblin underneath the Wyvern, the human heads in the shield hand of the Warboss, shields and weapons stuck in the ground and the trophy rack on his back.

Hope you like him. If you'd like to see more pictures of the model, be sure to go to my Flickr account and check them out.

The entire model. Make sure to click on it for a larger picture.