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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Cunning Scheme: The Hand of Gork

I've managed to find decent use for most of the spells in the new army book in my games, but so far I've really struggled when trying to find good ways to use the Hand of Gork spell. For those who don't know, it allows the Orc Shaman to grab a unit within 24" and move them to 3D6 within their original position, maintaining the same formation. I believe it's because I'm looking for the big kill move such as picking up your unit of Big 'Uns and plucking them down behind the enemy lines. Most of the times, this mean the 3D6 (on average 11") isn't enough to get them there, so now I've spent my power dice on actually not moving my unit far at all.

So instead of doing something really useful that can win me the game, I end up just getting the spell off to rectify potential mistakes I've commited in one of the movement phases, basically moving my unit out of a dangerous situation. It's not an effective way of doing things, as I should have been able to accomplish the same just by moving earlier in the game.

With that said, I'm looking for subtle and better ways of using the spell. I've got two so far that I really would like to try out sometime.
  • Dropping your fanatic-filled Night Goblins unit on the side of an enemy unit, just within an inch or so, to ensure the fanatics go through properly and even come up in front of the enemy, to prevent them from moving forward.
  • Picking up your Mangler Squigs and moving them a lot closer to the enemy line, effectively increasing the chance of it crashing into a juicy target before it is shot down (which usually happens with Manglers).
Have you managed to make good use of the Hand of Gork, or do you have any fun ideas that you'd like to try out? Please let me know, I could really use the help!