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Friday, March 25, 2011

1000 pts Night Goblin Warband

Speaking of Night Goblins, I'll be going down to the local club for a bunch of games tomorrow, starting out with a couple of planned team games, where each of us will be bringing 1000 points each. Naturally, this calls for my Night Goblin Warband to hit the fields! They will probably be awful, with an inspiring presence of 7, no war machines or fast cavalry. But they sure will be fun!

Night Goblin Warboss
Armor of Fate, Great Weapon

Night Goblin Great Shaman

Night Goblin Big Boss
Giant Cave Squig, Spear, Light Armor, Charmed Shield

Night Goblin Big Boss
Shield, Light Armor, Banner of Discipline

47 Night Goblins
Full Command, Shields, Spears, Nets

20 Night Goblins
Musician, Short Bows, 1 Fanatic

7 Squig Hoppers

24 Squig Herd
14 Squigs, 10 Herders

Mangler Squig

After the team games I'll probably find time to do some tournament training at the 2500 point level. But I'm really looking forward to a good time trying out my Night Goblins.