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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wyvern Waaagh vs Vampire Counts, 1500 pts

I was in such a hurry to make it down to the gaming club for the weekly game night that I didn't manage to pack up all my gobbos. So I went with the Wyvern Waaagh! for third time. I was matched up against the Vampire Counts who were led into battle by a level 3 Vampire Lord and his faithful servant, a Wight King Battle Standard. He was obviously very keen on Ghouls as he had brought two Hordes of them at around 25-30 each, 18 Grave Guard with Great Weapons and the Black Coach.

So a very small army in unit counts, who deployed with a heavy center and immediately marched forward as a vanguard with Ghoulkin. One of the Ghoul units even went all the way across to my side of the field, while the Vampire and Wight King remained behind. He shouldn't have done that, as the Boyz charged in joined by a Boar Chariot and the Warboss on his Wyvern. Although the Ghouls were many, they weren't that many, and the combined charge of the greenskins put them all back in the ground without much trouble, and the Wyvern overflew straight into the Black Coach behind them. I suppose that if the Ghouls would have held on for a round I would have given up a flank charge from the Wight King and his Ghouls behind the cabin, but there was just really too much damage being dealt when you consider the impact hits and the thunderstomp.

To add a bit of frustration to my early game, the Shieldgobbos, Shamans, Big Bosses and all suffered animosity and had to charge the Wight King and his Ghouls that were standing 14". Easy! they said and rolled a 10, so in they went. That battle didn't go anywhere, and neither did the participants who were fighting each other to a standstill. Unfortunately, that charge did leave the Night Goblin flank open for a counter-charge by the Vampire Lord and his Grave Guard.

So the Vampire was left with the choice of either flanking my Night Gobbos or charging my Orc Boyz who had reformed after chopping down the Ghouls. He went for the gobbos and revealed the Banner of Barrows, which made him them on 2+ and he was already wounding them on 2+, so a lot of gobbos were fated to bite the ground. Before going down, they were able to take down 3 Grave Guards thanks to a timely Armor Piercing spell that was let through the previous turn. They netted the Ghouls to limit their effectiveness, and one too many 1's came up when the Grave Guards were trying to wound them, so the Gobbos actually survived with one rank more than either of their opponents, meaning they were steadfast! With both the Big Boss and the Warboss nearby, they held on for another turn.

The Warboss, meanwhile, was fighting a now Ethereal Black Coach who survived with a single wound.

With the gobbos hanging on, this opened up for the Trolls to charge into the front of the Grave Guards while both Orc Chariots had a tasty flank to barge into, and so they did. A timely Naughty Stabbing spell went off one of the chariots, but the Vampire prevented Gork to fix his Ghouls from having poisoned attacks.

It wouldn't matter though as two rounds of impact hits (one of them re-rolling To Wound) followed by 4 trolls clubbing and stomping left about a rank of Grave Guards standing before they got to even strike. Netted Ghouls were unable to turn the tide by killing Night Goblins, and both units went back to the ground, losing their combat by double digits.

On the other side of the battlefield, the bowgobbos charged into Black Coach currently fighting their Warboss, hoping only to provide some static combat resolution. It proved enough, and together they made the Black Coach fade into the mist, without being able to hit the Warboss with a Killing Blow.

And thus the game ended early, with the Vampires being put back to the ground in only two rounds. Granted, my opponent had a poor time rolling for Winds of Magic, being basically unable to get a single spell through what with the Black Coach devouring so many of them. More magic would have helped him. Still though, he definitely played too aggressively and hurried into combats of my choice. His army in general matched up pretty poorly against my list, as I still had too many units for him to handle and he had nothing to counter my Warboss on his flying monster. Still, we had a good time playing as this group always has, and I'm sure he'll be back with a stronger army next time!

I'll leave you with two shots from the other two games taking place at the same time. One of them shows the Empire unit from Faith, Steel and Gunpowder going up against a Skaven foe, while on the other hand we had the Bretonnians from For the Lady fighting a vintage Dark Elven force.