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Friday, February 25, 2011

Suggested changes to the #6 spells

Apparently the post scheduled for last night failed to upload, so apologies for that.

The new "6th spell" of the goblin Little Waaagh! spell lore has got me thinking. You know how 6th spells that kill automatically have become the rage of 8th edition so far? Spells like Dwellers, Transmutation, Purple Sun and to some extent the Pit of Shades (although that's a no. 5) have really turned some matchups into so much frustration. Ask any Dwarf or Ogre player what he thinks of opponents that simply throw all their dice at the Purple Sun, gets the Irrestible Force as the sun goes through several units and anyone touched who doesn't roll below 2 are killed, effectively losing him the game. Doesn't take much skill, does it.

Initially, the Curse of the Bad Moon (the goblin 6th spell) seemed to be much the same, but as you read it through a second time, you'll realize that it's not quite so.
"Any model under or passed over by the template is cursed, and must pass a characteristic test or take a wound, with no armor save allowed"
See? That means multiple wound models, such as Ogres and other Monsters and Monstrous Infantry, will take one wound per model who fails the test. Also, it means that ward saves can still be taken, which means that (gasp) Magic Resistance actually becomes useful this edition!

No doubt the Curse of the Bad Moon is still powerful, and rightly so, but it isn't game breaking and there are ways to counter it still. Why Games Workshop figured they'd only make the O&G spell to work in this fashion is beyond me, but for tournament organizers and fellow players, there's nothing stopping us from fixing that if we feel it's bad for the game.

Instead of making up all these restrictions of only two extra magic dices per turn, banning Power Scrolls or just straight up banning 6th spells (all of which have been tried out in our tournaments) why not just create our own Errata that changes the spells into working like the Goblin one?