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Friday, February 18, 2011

Night Goblin BSB painted

One of the keys to a successful Waaagh! is a Battle Standard, and every Orc & Goblin army need at least three (for now) different heroes to carry it, for flexibility. This is my Night Goblin Battle Standard Bearer.

I will use him in three separate situations:
- If I'm running a theme of Night Goblins only (probably smaller games)

- If I want to save a lot of points by going cheap, as this guy can check in at less than a hundred points, with plenty of magical items to boot.

- If I'm interested in carrying a magical battle standard only available to Night Goblins. The new book contains a surprisingly low amount of magic items, but does contain a few BSB-only magical banners, one which gives the unit the effect of the Nightshroud spell - soft cover, dangerous terrain tests for anyone charging it + stubborn.

And aside from that, he was a lot of fun to convert and paint. He is based on the Night Goblin Shaman model, but I cut away the top of his staff and replaced it with plastic bitz from the new Night Goblin box. I doubt it's that original, but after struggling with converting my Black Orc BSB for so long, I wanted something simpler. I hope you like him. Click the picture for a larger version.