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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Night Goblin Big Boss painted

He'z iz gonna chop some 'eads!
I just completed a Night Goblin Warboss (or Big Boss) with Great Weapon. He is meant to be leading my big unit of Stickaz, since he provides extra leadership and quite a few S6 attacks with his big axe.

He's such a cheap point investment for what he does, and I usually never give him any magic items. Rather I'd like to depend on the Nets granting him an effective toughness 5 to ward off enemy attacks. If they do kill him, it's not a big deal, since most of the time they will have devoted more attacks into killing him than what his wound total is, effectively giving me combat resolution bonuses.

I hope you like him. I added a totem next to him from the Battle for Skull Pass Shaman, as I'm quickly running out of Night Goblin characters and units to make, and I wanted to put it somewhere.  He's painted in much the same color scheme like the rest of my Night Goblins, only with additional highlights to make him stand out a bit.