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Thursday, February 17, 2011

1st 1500 pts list for the new O&G book

I'm heading down to the local gaming club tonight to try out the new O&G book. We'll be playing 1500 points in preparation for the next tournament (suitably scheduled on the same day as the official O&G release). No idea what opponent I shall be playing. For competitive reasons (there might be spies!) magic items and other hidden things will be posted later tonight.

EDIT: Magic items revealed.

Orc Great Shaman, level 3
Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command

Longtime readers will know what to expect from this guy. He will probably deploy with the Black Orcs in hopes of getting the 'Ere We Go! spell. Since we'll no longer use our own miscast table, I'm not as afraid of running my Shaman as the General.

Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer
Armed to da teef, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse Icon
Will lead the Orc Boyz, halting any animosity brewing while anchoring my tough combat line.

Night Goblin Shaman, level 2
With the new Magic Mushroom rule, Night Goblins have to add a single free power dice to all their casting rolls. The Little Waaagh! spells are really quite useful, so I'm looking at getting two of them and then only throw a single dice from the pool at each one. 

Night Goblin Big Boss
Great Weapon
Adds a little combat punch and leadership to the Night Goblin units.

29 Orc Boyz
Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician
With the point increase, I'm not sure that bringing 40 of the boyz are worth it any longer. 30 might be enough. We shall see.

39 Night Goblins
Spears, Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician, Nets
Gobbos, on the other hand, are quite worth it. When bringing spears (for free!) I should probably have them 50 strong, but since 40 is the model limit for this tournament, I'm going to try it out. If I can get the Gift of the Spider God spell off on them, giving them poisoned attacks, I think they can do some damage.

20 Black Orcs
Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
The bodyguard for my Shaman. With a point drop, immunity to psychology and S7 in the first round of combat (if using their big weapons) they should do well, and with the Shaman backing them, could even take on elite units of other races.

28 Squig Herders
21 Squigs, 7 Herders
Nowadays you're able to buy Squigs or Herders seperately, but you've got to bring a herder for every third Squig. I'm maxing out on that rule, bringing three rows of seven squigs while the herders go in the back. Hopefully they won't be shot down before they can dish out the pain.

x2 Orc Boar Chariot
Extra Orc Crew
Initially, the slight point increase it looked like the Boar Chariots took a step back in the new book. However, with the new Choppa rule, even the Orc crew will dish out S5 spear thrusts, and for a cheap sum, you're able to add a third crew to the chariot for an extra attack. Definitely worth it in my book.