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Monday, January 24, 2011

The first of the Pump Wagons

They don't make them like this any longer, do they. Here's one of my Snotling Pump Wagons. Back in the previous edition these guys rarely saw the field for me, beaten out as they were by more essential rare slots such as the Giant and the Doom Diver. Now with slots gone, I find myself bringing two of these to almost every battle I fight. They are cheap as chips and can serve as a very effective combo-charger next to your big blocks of troops. Especially alongside the Waaagh! spell, they'll be moving 4D6 a turn - more than enough to get them into battle. And even if they don't, they make for additional deployments which is always good for Orcs & Goblins, and if you talk up their 2D6 impact hits, you might be able to convince your enemy to fire at them instead of your more expensive units. Always a good thing.

This model is the older of the two Pump Wagons in the army. Since it's so small it barely takes up any space on a chariot base, I decided to add quite a bit of terrain for the reckless snots to drive across, even adding a little duel scene in front of it, with two snotlings battling it out before being splatted by their peers. Ah, the life of a git.

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