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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Savage Orc Boar Chariot completed

I finally got around to finish up the painting on my Savage Orc Big Boss, with the scratch-built Chariot of Gork I made for him. Back in the last edition, this was actually one of the more devastating options available to the O&G army, a cheap alternative to the Wyvern Warboss, for only 200 points you could have a charging maniac delivering D6+1 S5 impact hits + 9 S5 and 2 S4 attacks, which was usually enough to break blocks of enemies on impact. In the new edition though, he's lost the frenzy on his boars, lost an armor save on the chariot, and infantry blocks won't break on the charge any longer. Stiil, if I ever come around to building that Savage Orc army I've got my sights on (perhaps with new plastic Savage Orcs in the upcoming future), I want this guy here to lead the troops.

Look below the page break for another picture of him from the side. Also, click here to view the WIP post I made some time ago.

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