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Thursday, September 30, 2010

OOP Rock Lobber & Doom Diver painted

Apologies to those visiting the site and noticing the lack of a top banner. I'm working on a new design for the blog, so please bare with me.

Good friend and reader Craig recently sent me a big box of left over O&G stuff that he wasn't going to finish anytime soon. Some of it were truly OOP miniatures, such as the old Doom Diver and Rock Lobber models. I love to field multiple war machines that still differ from one another model wise, so those two were the ones I was looking forward to painting the most.

I cut off the wheels from both models, as I think they fit together better with my other war machines if they're all looking like they've been built on the spot. As those familiar with the product line might notice, I've taken some liberties with the crew, as the Doom Diver is crewed by mostly Snotlings, while the Rock Lobber has got a mixture of snotlings, Chukka and new Lobber crew.

With the new rules for war machines (crew being wound markers only) I took the chance to mount all of them on a single base to make it easier to pack and transport (also, it looks nice). The Doom Diver I could fit onto a 40mm base, but the Rock Lobber needed a Screaming Bell base at 60x100mm. While working on them, I also took the opportunity to rebase my old war machines in similiar fashion. I'll upload some pictures of them next time. As always, just click on the images for a larger version.

Big thanks to Craig for sending me the models. I hope I did them justice!

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