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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orc Shaman completed

Here is a picture of my Orc Shaman on foot completed a few days ago. While I rarely dabbled in magic in 7th edition (I prefered a Warboss) and never in spells of Da Big Waaagh, this guy is now actually the key to me being successful in 8th edition. With initiative being more important and attacks increased across the board, spells such as Bash 'Em Ladz and Waaaaagh! have really become useful, in particular since I run both Black Orcs and Big 'Unz - stuff that tend to hit hard.

I truly love this sculpt, I must say. It's a fairly old model, one of the oldest in the orc range, but the wide lips and hanging face really makes this one stand out. It was fairly easy to paint, with a few enjoyable details to pick out. I hope I managed to do it justice.

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