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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Army List Review: O&G 3000 points, second part

Continuing my review of BJ's army list over at The Winds of Magic, I'll offer some opinions on his core choices. I'm really happy that BJ seems to be appreciating my take as well (I'm having a lot of fun myself) and I hope some of my other readers can get something out of this too.


Grubak's Choppas - Orc Boyz Horde X 39 = 303 Pts.
- Xtra Choppa
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daguz

I'm a bit perplexed as to why you'd run such a big unit and then equip them to do damage rather than take it. You're preparing them to last long in combat with so many bodies, yet the 2 choppa option is made for short combats (+1S in the first round of combat). Both the choppa/shield and spear/shield options are better for a large unit of boyz, while 2 choppas will do better for smaller units of about 15. I'd also consider dropping them to 29 boyz - a number I think is ideal for 8th edition - since their role should be to take a charge, be steadfast for a turn, before your flankers arrive, not to outlast round after round of combat on their own.

Da Nek Brekkas - Orc Big Uns X 19 = 220 Pts.
- Shield
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daghorn

Contrary to my opinion of them in the last edition, I really like Big 'Uns now. They're still overpriced, but with combats being more about killing, I think they should have a place in our lists from here on. In the setup you have here, however, you're not using their number one asset - the ability to take a magical banner - which can greatly improve their fighting ability or your magic defense. My favorite one right now is the Banner of Blades from the rulebook that grants Armor Piercing. I also like spears for my Big 'Uns, as they're skilled and strong enough to actually put them to good use (orc boyz, in my opinion, are not). Also, with the points saved from dropping a few bodies from the Orc Boyz, you can stand to make these guys a bit bigger. My prefered unit would be like this:

24 Orc Big 'Uns
- Shields, Spears
- Musician, Standard
- Banner of Blades

That's three ranks of WS4, S4 with -2 on armor save hitting you in combat. Add the BSB to the unit and I'd take my chances with them against just about any other infantry in the Old World. You could also give them the Spirit Totem as a banner and get their ranks as dispel dice, but if you're running shamans that might not be necessary.

Snotfinga's Stikka Mob - Night Goblins Horde X 39 = 286 Pts.
- Spears
- Nets
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Rotfang
- 3 Fanatics

When we first heard about the Horde rule, everyone immediately thought about Night Goblins now fighting in 4 ranks with spears - that's 40 attacks! Lots of people swear by their NGs, but I'm not one of them however. I prefer my night goblins cheap and few, only to serve as utility (fanatics into knights) or flankers (tossing nets on the enemies fighting my orc boyz, essentially making them T5). So my rule is never to pay more than 120 points for a block of gobbos. However, if you do wanna bring a big ol' combat unit of the little critters, you should always bring a gobbo character for added punch in combat (they will need it). Something sneaky like a Big Boss with additional hand weapon and the Iron Gnashas, and possibly the Golden Seal Blade for Killing Blow attacks at initiative 10. Suitably sneaky! To pay for him (he's about 60-70 points) I'd consider dropping the spears on the gobbos. Consider it for a moment: you're paying 40 points for 10 WS2 S3 attacks. Worth it? I don't know, that's about 13 extra goblins with hand weapons. You could also drop a fanatic, as there's very little that 3 fanatics will kill that 2 of them won't at least hurt beyond fighting ability.

Da Red Crawlas - Forest Goblin Spider Riders X 10 = 170 Pts.
- Bows
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Raknid

I love my fast cavalry, even though they will be useless in combat against anything outside of war machine crews, but I'm not keen on bringing such a big unit of 10. Consider that you only need to lose a single rider to no longer be able to break ranks, and there's no reason not to just bring the minimum of five, with only a musician to help reform (banners is just giving away points for them). If you have ten models ready, it's better to split them up into two units. Use them to threaten war machines and hunt down wizards foolish enough to step out of their units while giant spiders are running loose.

Da Runtz - Snotlings X 3 Bases = 60 Pts.

Snotlings are great, but their use will be different in this edition, since they're now classified as Swarms. If you want to use them as roadblocks that help build up a flank charge, bring only the minium size of two bases and put them in front of your orc units. Have the enemy charge into the snotlings, destroy them and overrun into the orc boyz. Then once it's your turn, you counter-charge the charging enemy (since overrunning combats will be fought in the next turn). Or you bring a larger unit of at least 4 bases and pray that the enemy won't be good enough to dish out 6 wounds in one round, meaning you'll hold for a turn (being unbreakable) and allow your fighters to outflank the enemy tied up with the snots.

I hope my thoughts have been useful so far. Next up, Special and Rare choices!

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