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Friday, July 16, 2010

Army List Review: O&G 3000 points, third part

I'm wrapping up the final part of my look at a 3000 points O&G Grimgor list that was posted at The Winds of Magic. All in all, I really like most of the choices even though I would prefer to change some of their numbers and equipment, which I've touched upon. It's going to be interesting to see whether or not the author BJ will take some of my advice to heart (which certainly does not guarantee it will make the list better) and, more importantly, to read how the Waaagh! does in battle. I love debating my favorite army and this was a lot of fun. Hope some of my other readers found it interesting as well, and big thanks to BJ for taking the initiative of posting his list in the first place. Here's the special and rare choices, with my review of them.


Da Immortulz - Black Orcs X 19 = 298 Pts.
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Grimtoof
- Gork's Waagh Banner

With the new rules of casualties from the back and support attacks, Black Orcs need to get as wide frontage as possible. Whenever the enemy deploys a unit in Horde formation (most likely something Core and cheap) that's where the Black Orcs should go, as close to 10 wide as possible. I think 18 is the best number, as that allows you to deploy 6x3 or 9x2 (when possible) without you paying for many warm bodies that's not going to be fighting. I also prefer the Banner of Butchery on these, especially with a wide frontage giving you 30-40 attacks at S5 if you're using double choppas in the first round of combat, which is scary, especially for orcs. I have a Black Orc article coming up later on, so I won't go too far into this right now, but I would advise against a Black Orc champion, as they cost far too much for what they're giving you, and Grimgor doesn't need protection from challenges - he thrives in challenges!

Da Bone Crusha - Goblin Rock Lobba = 70 Pts.

Da 'uge Stabbas - Goblin Spear Chukka X 2 = 70 Pts.

Da Deff Waggin - Orc Boar Chariot = 80 Pts.

Da Rank Busta - Orc Boar Chariot = 80 Pts.

All great choices. At 3000 pts however, if you have some to spare, I'd easily double them. All of them.


Da Boggas - River Trolls X 6 = 360 Pts.

This is an excellent choice, 6 trolls will be devastating to face in this edition, and with regeneration it's going to take some effort to remove their rank with shooting before they reach combat. The River Troll upgrade is the best one, adding -1 to hit for enemies, but might be on the expensive side. For the same point cost, you could be fielding 9 regular trolls instead. It's a matter of taste though, and I'm known to be very hesitant in spending more than 250 on something so unreliable as greenskins, as it makes me cry less when they do something stupid, or die. Or both.

Da Gitz Tossa - Goblin Doom Diver Catapult = 80 Pts.

Wonderful unit. I'll take two!

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