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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tournament report: Fantasia Fanatic 2010, first day

So my first ever WHFB tournament has come and gone, and overall I'm quite happy with how my Greenskins performed. I brought my mixed O&G horde in a list quite similar to this one and received a fairly good result in the end, for a first time tourny player. I'm going to write a summary for all the games I played, starting with the first day of games in this post. Unfortunately, my new camera had some early problems, meaning I couldn't photograph the deployments and round by round. Instead, I'll try to add some pictures of the best painted armies in a later post.

Game 1: Lizardmen
My first ever tournament game was against a Lizardmen list with a Slann in Temple Guards, along with an Engine of the Gods, two moderate size Saurus blocks, flanked by two units of Kroxigors, a pack of Salamanders and the usual Skink Skirmishers and Terradons. The scenarios were Killing Fields and Capture, meaning we counted Victory Points like normal, and an objective in the middle of the field awarded 2 points to whoever was holding it in both player's 5th round.

I was really nervous going into this game and looking back I really didn't have much of a plan on what I hoped to do. I managed to deploy my Squig Herd and Savage Orc Boar Boyz against the fire-breathing Salamanders and one unit of Kroxigors, where their Immune to Psychology really helped in warding off their shooting before I took them out. Sadly, on my other flank one of my own fanatics scattered through my giant and into my wolf chariot with the shaman. The poor goblin inflicted 6 wounds(!) on my giant, killing him, then delivered 5 hits on the chariot that killed both my shaman and the wagon, succesfully taking out 400 points in one turn and destroying my entire flank, leaving it open for the other kroxigors to run wild. That's greenskins for you!

Sadly, my artillery stunk up the place when I really needed them to perform. A total of 10 bolt thrower shots managed to hit on one occasion, a wound that was ward saved, meaning I had very little to put up against the Stegadon. Add to that my Doom Diver misfired and was taken out of the game for a long while. Even though the Slann miscasted on one occasion and blew up half of its unit, my orc Warboss and his unit of boyz fluffed all their dice rolls and broke against the Temple Guards, who chased them down. After killing the kroxigors and the salamanders, the numbers game proved too much for my boar boyz who got killed off by the saurus block. In the end, I was down 0-16 in victory points, but I held a few secondary objectives in round 4, saving me a few points. It was one of those games where the dice goes bad and you can't prevent that because your tactics aren't good enough.

Result: LOSS 2-18

Game 2: Ogre Kingdoms
The second game was far more forgiving, against ogres that were lead by a Tyrant (big, nasty combat character) and 3 butchers (gut magic casters). He was fielding two big units of four Leadbelchers, two smaller unit of bulls, a unit of Ironguts, a massive unit of like 40 Gnoblars (obviously to hold objectives with their massive unit strength) and 3 Rhinox Riders. The scenario was Take and Hold, and Banners. Two objectives in the middle of the table, on each side, where the player with the most US at the end of each round 4 and 6 got 2 VP. Along with that the player with the most enemy banners captured in the end got 4 VP. I had four banners available (two unit of boyz, black orcs, and the BSB) while he had, I think, one or two.

I deployed fairly regularly, with each unit of boyz designated to keep an objective, while the black orcs and the chariot went in the middle to support either one. He deployed wide across his field and marched forward on his first turn. I held off my movement for as long as I could, since my artillery was doing decent damage and my magic defense mananged to prevent his gut magic, which shot mostly magic missiles and tried to make their units stubborn and regenerating, etc. The highlight probably came when I called the Waaaagh! as he had positioned his ironguts (lead by the tyrant) and some bulls for a charge, not expecting me to reach far enough to get him. My general's unit and the black orcs both auto-waaaghed, running forward an extra 5" or so, then I combo charged them against all of his middle units, alongside the wolf chariot, which sent the ogres fleeing, scrambling for safety as they knew they couldn't stand against the green tide if they didn't get the charge off. That secured the objectives for round 4.

My Wolf Riders kept baiting the Rhinox Riders to charge, setting them up for a counter-charge by my general's unit. I didn't know their exact stats (being a WD extra, after all) but I figured I'd survive so I went in. By Gork what a rock-hard unit! Even though they didn't get the charge, they still outkilled my orc block by loads, which kept them in place for the Tyrant to charge in on his own, eventually breaking my unit but failing to run it down. I then sent the Squig Herd into their flank, causing some further damage but they still got defeated by the large brutes. Together with the chariot though, the Black Orcs took out the Ironguts and the Gnobblars, while my BSB unit took care of the large unit of Leadbelchers. On the other flank, I sacrificed my Squig hoppers and the Big Boss on his squig to reduce the second unit of Bulls in US, rendering them mostly useless for VPs.

In the end, he had one (out of three) Rhinox Riders still standing, the rest of his units either dead or reduced to about 3-6 US, his general and one or two Butchers still standing, while I had both my orc blocks, my black orcs, savage orcs, giant and night goblins still running around, and had secured more banners and most of the objectives for most of the rounds.

Result: WIN 16-4

Game 3: Daemons of Chaos
The final game of the first day came against a Daemon army fielding several units I had never faced before. The scenario was Domination and Assasination. At the end of rounds 4 and 6, we would add up the number of domination points from our units we had in each table quarter, awarding 1 VP for each, while the first and second character killed during the game was worth 2 VP each. He deployed a unit of Flamers in the middle on a hill, flanked by two units of Flesh Hounds. In the back two units of Pink Horrors provided some flickering fire, while his left flank held a large unit of Plaguebearers and swift-moving Fiends. His army was led by four Heralds, two Slaneesh ones on flying chariots, one carrying the BSB with the Plaguebearers, and one on a Juggernaught in one of the Flesh Hound units.

I didn't really understand the scenarios well enough (didn't prepare by reading them through closely) and so I deployed poorly to handle his fast moving army. He got the first turn and immediately moved the majority of his troops 20" forward, 4" inches away from my lines, meaning that most of my units got stuck in combat early and didn't reach the other side of the table until very late in the game, so I couldn't take advantage of my larger numbers. My giant charged his fiends but didn't do enough to get them and eventually got killed, while both my orc blocks took out his units of Flesh Hounds. The big mistake was that my savage orcs were forced to charge his nurgle wall, which wouldn't end well considering they were stubborn and had regeneration. Really, I should have just stayed clear of that unit and played for the scenarios, but instead I also sacrificed both my general's unit and the Black Orcs in hopes of taking them down, failed in doing so and were run down. On a good note, my Big Boss on his Squig with the Tricksy Trinket really shined in this game, taking out both of the Heralds on chariots, aided against the Flesh Hounds and killed Pink Horrors late in the game. He definitely solidified his regular slot in my army list by his performance in this one.

In the end, questionable deployment combined with poor knowledge of the scenarios ended up costing me the game. Even though I got the first character kill, I dedicated too much resources on taking out his charging units or sacrificed them to the Nurgle wall, that I didn't make it across the map for more table quarters in time to turn things around. Instead of helping my orc blocks (who would have probably won out in the end) I should have marched my flanking units up against his pink horrors and the flamers, who got a free ride to VPs just by sitting back and hurling daemonic stuff at me.

Result: LOSS 8-12

A summary of the second day will follow shortly.

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