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Saturday, March 27, 2010

2400 pts O&G, Fanatic 2010, v 2

Although the battle against the Dark Elves went well, it did highlight a few things that didn't work out so well with my list. While my army is excellent in combat, and packs enough artillery to get moving against me, it will still struggle against magic heavy and flyers or skirmishers that can get into places where I cannot catch them. I have a few ideas on changes that will make it less of a vulnerability. I'll probably lose some "hittyness" with these changes, but I feel with both boar boyz and black orcs, the army will have more than enough hittyness left.

First of, the Savage Orc Big Boss on the chariot is one of my most expensive units but he ended up doing mostly nothing. I had thought keeping him between both of the orc blocks would it easy enough to get him into combat as support, but for that to be effective I have to make quite a lot of space in the middle, which stretches the army too wide. Besides, he's like a second unit if boar boyz, with potential for more and risk of less, so he'll go, for now, and instead I'll replace him with a goblin shaman on a wolf chariot, packed with dispel scrolls. That'll make 6 DD and 2 scrolls, which will allow me to lock down 2-3 rounds of magic.

Since I've only got one wolf chariot ready, and probably not enough time to build another one, I'll have to find another option for my suicide goblin. So instead I'll downgrade him to a night goblin and place him on a giant squig! That'll make him immune to psychology, but potentially slightly less hitty on the charge, and of course far more random with his movement. But it will give me another unit with 360 charge range, which will probably help against those pesky flyers.

Finally, the 20 hill goblins were already a question mark, and running away doing nothing the last game sealed their fate. Since I already have the unit painted and ready, and a special choice to spare, they'll be replaced by a 20 model strong squig herd. Immune to psychology, 10 WS4 S5 attacks and will hurt a unit even if they break immediately. A no-brainer, and I'm not sure why I didn't think of this sooner.

Also, small change to the Warboss' equipment. I'll replace his +5 ward save with +1 attack. Mostly because he never gets targeted with his +1 armor save - enemies rather kill orc boyz - and I feel 5 S6 attacks with re-roll hits will be suitably nasty. Makes for about 8-10 CR on average, even if they are charged, which should make them hold against most things.

Here's the list with changes:

Black Orc Warboss
w. Boar, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Akrit Axe, Kickin' BootsBlack Orc Big Boss
w. Boar, Heavy Armor, Battle Standard Bearer, Mork's Spirit TotemGoblin Shaman, level 1
w. Wolf Chariot, 2x Dispel Scroll
Night Goblin Big Boss
w. Large Cave Squig, Light Armor, Shield, One Hit Wunda, Tricksy Trinket

2x 23 Orc Boyz
w. Shields, Full Command
20 Night Goblins
w. Short Bows, Musician, 1x Fanatic5 Goblin Spider Riders
w. Spears, Musician5 Goblin Wolf Riders
w. Spears, Musician2x 2 Snotlings

12 Black Orcs
w. Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Butchery5 Savage Orc Big 'Uns Boar Boyz
w. Spears,Shields, Musician7 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
4 Squig Herds
2 Goblin Spear Chukkas
Goblin Rock Lobber

Goblin Doom Diver

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