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Monday, March 15, 2010

2400 pts O&G, Fanatic 2010

I've signed up for a tournament called Fantasia Fanatic here in Umeå at the end of April, which I'm hoping to have my army done in time for. It's for 2250 points, but they've placed my O&G in group D alongside Ogre Kingdoms and given us another 150 points, 2 additional special choices and another rare choice, landing us on 2400 points with 6 specials and 3 rares. So I've been working on a list that I'm fairly happy with. It gives me about 4-6 throw away units during deployment before I have to start placing important units.

I've made a quick illustration showing roughly how I'll try to deploy. Fast cavalry on both flanks, joined by both goblin units, then snotlings. Both units of boyz will go in the middle, joined by each black orc character. The black orcs and the Savage Orcs will go on each side, hopefully screened by snotlings to avoid having them shot to pieces. The Savage Orc on Chariot with potential for 8 attacks on strength 8 on his own will probably go between the orcs, providing some extra hitting power. The Goblin Chariot will just go where he can suicide charge into something expensive, or work together with the wolf riders if no targets present themselves. The war machines will go between the units in the back, so that they take a longer time to take out. Squig Hoppers can either stay behind to guard the machines, or go through difficult terrain at something.

The plan then is to bait and flee/die with my cheap troops, tunneling the enemy into my big orc blocks, then flank them with my hard hitters (black orcs or savage orcs). I'll probably have to improvise depending on match ups, but that's the general idea anyway. As you can see, I still have room for another special choice and a rare choice, so I expect to change things up before it's time. Concerns are magic defense, as I've currently only got 5 DD. Also, I'm not sure about the ability of my goblins. While the night goblins will threaten people with their fanatics, the only use for the normal goblins is tying up an enemy for a round before backup arrives, and I'm not that convinced that they are able to do that.

Here's the list:

Black Orc Warboss
w. Boar, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Akrit Axe, Best Boss 'AtBlack Orc Big Boss
w. Boar, Heavy Armor, Battle Standard Bearer, Mork's Spirit TotemSavage Orc Big Boss
w. Boar Chariot, Light Armor, Shield, Shaga's Screamin' SwordGoblin Big Boss
w. Wolf Chariot, Light Armor, Shield, One Hit Wunda, Tricksy Trinket

2x 23 Orc Boyz
w. Shields, Full Command
20 Goblins
w. Shields, Musician20 Night Goblins
w. Short Bows, Musician, 1x Fanatic5 Goblin Spider Riders
w. Spears, Musician5 Goblin Wolf Riders
w. Spears, Musician2x 2 Snotlings

12 Black Orcs
w. Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Butchery5 Savage Orc Big 'Uns Boar Boyz
w. Spears,Shields, Musician7 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
2 Goblin Spear Chukkas
Goblin Rock Lobber

Goblin Doom Diver


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