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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goblin BSB painted

This week I've only really completed my Goblin Battle Standard Bearer. It's originally a shaman model, but I removed his wand and added a long pole carrying a a banner from the 6th edition night goblin set. Then I added a staff piece on the top from another shaman I had lying around, and some looted dwarf stuff. I based the color scheme on a combination of the two goblin tribes I've painted; the red if for the hill goblins and the purple for the night goblins, obviously. He'll probably always come as a normal goblin (for the extra leadership) but painting him like that makes him 'work' as part of a large night goblin block, whenever I get the time to do one.

That's about it for my goblin force, which should easily add up to a 1000 points, possibly even 1500. The picture on top shows all my goblin characters on the battle field (I know, they're too many). Now it's time to move on to painting orcs.

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