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Friday, August 7, 2009

Trolls painted

The three trolls have each been painted with slightly altered color schemes. They were all basecoated with Scaly Green but with different highlights inspired by Warhammer Online, where all trolls seem to come in different variations of green with no single troll looking quite like the other. It made the painting more interesting, after finishing so many goblins of much the same color I was happy to add some diversity to the army. They weren’t converted very much, aside from a slightly altered pose on the one with the stone sledge, as I thought they looked fine as they were.

Trolls, for those of you unfamiliar with the specifics of Warhammer and Orcs & Goblins in particular, are fear-causing beasties who regenerate wounds caused but they also suffer from stupidity. That is, they might scare the enemy into running away from them, they save wounds on a +4 of a D6 no matter what hurt them (as long as it isn’t fire) but they also have to roll a leadership check each turn to avoid standing still in confusion, unable to do anything. I will most likely employ them as a “hammer” unit for a hook or anvil & hammer tactic, that is use them as a strong-hitting charge into the flank of the enemy, with a goblin boss on a wolf urging them on.

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