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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spider Riders painted

These are my spider riders, heavily converted from the same static pose all of them shared before I went to it with a sharp knife. I wanted to create the impression of spiders creeping towards you over rocks and cliffs, as specific rule for spider riders say that they ignore all terrain penalties. Spider riders are fast cavalry, they come in small, cheap units and will be used to bate and distract the enemy while my hard-hitters move in.

I came up with the idea of a jungle-like tribe worshipping small, forgotten deities and as they dress for war they paint their faces white to intimidate their foes. If you look closer you will notice that each goblin has received a unique face paint in an effort to create more individuality while still maintaining the color theme. The fiery red color on the spiders will hopefully not take away from the faces, rather it will add some new things to look out for once the white faces have drawn the eye in. That was at least the intention, not sure if I succeeded.

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