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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More greenskins, in general

This is the goblin general that will lead my 1000 point green army into battle. As mentioned earlier he will go into the missing slot in the first rank of the goblin unit, which usually consist of 24 other gobbos with hand weapon, shields and light armor. They are usually meant to take charges and hold, alongside a large unit of night goblins with the battle standard bearer.
The goblin big boss is usually given the Amulet of Protectyness for the same armor/ward save as the model wounding him, and a great weapon for good measure, while the BSB will be carrying the Bad Moon on a Stick magical standard to make his night goblin unit stubborn next to the general. These two units are then meant to hold the enemy charge while my hard hitting units (trolls, squig hoppers and chariots) hit them from the flanks. If they hold that is, since goblins aren't exactly known for being brave and reliable.

Anyway, this model took about a day's worth of painting. Since the goblin army color is red I wanted to include several shades of that on his trousers (like the rest of his kind) as well as the cloak, with grey wolf fur to create contrast. If anyone would like a more detailed run through of the colors I'd be happy to assist. Hope you enjoy. Clicking on the image will show a larger picture from different angles.

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