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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Night Goblins gone Braveheart

I haven't shown any miniatures for a while now, so here's a few that I finished off this past weekend. These are "Offensive Night Goblins" from the German company GameZone Miniatures. One of the best things about painting Orcs & Goblins is that they allow you to do so many chaotic conversions since the entire army concept is based on laughs and insanity. With the exception of possibly the undead, no other army really allows you have as much fun converting the miniatures.

Night Goblins are supposed to be carrying dark robes to ward off the sunlight, as they're used to living in caves underground. Therefore most people tend to paint their goblins in black, with gray highlights for depth. I wanted to try something different so I went with a purple theme on the robes and instead of the default yellow moon icons, I went with orange for the tip of the standard bearer pole.

I really enjoyed the film Braveheart when I was younger and I can only assume that the designer of these sculpts did as well. In fact, one of my favorite moments of the film was when the Scottish army pulled up their kilts and flashed the English army prior to the charge. Although these fellows have a slighter greener skin tone, perhaps it's still possible to see the resemblance...

... no? Ah well.

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