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Monday, July 20, 2009

It’s good to be green

The summer vacation allows me to indulge in some hobbies I usually have limited time for during the semesters. I've been collecting and painting miniatures to Warhammer Fantasy Battles for the last year, having been introduced to it while living in Nottingham (where the hobby was born) and later learning that Umeå is quite a hub for wargames in Sweden as well. While I've yet to play that many games, I feel like I'm slowly learning the more advanced techniques of painting such as blending and proper highlighting.

I've been working on a Orcs & Goblins army, mostly because I enjoy the chaotic ways of the greenskins (with animosity rules among other things) which makes the games random and fun, and provides inspiration for painting. This goblin unit completes a 1000 point army of only goblins with their shields yet to be added, with another 1000 points of orcs joining them later on. It includes two regiment bases; on one of them two goblins are slugging it out with their fists, while on the other two gobbos have ganged up to lay the beat down on their former mate on the ground. In the back corner one of the goblins are taking a leak, and on the front right a goblin is being pushed in the back to come flying towards the enemy waiting, ouch. I'll provide some lore/fluff later on, but for now you can enjoy the pictures. As you may notice there is one model missing in the first rank. That's where my goblin general will end up, once I finish painting him. Clicking on the image will show the unit up close from different angles.

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