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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Tomb Kings mean more Giants!

So today is the launch of the new army book for Tomb Kings. I've had a good look through the unit entries and the rules for the various kinds of Sphinxes and Constructs available to the dead guys only serves to solidify my earlier army musings.

With T8, those constructs will wreak havoc amongst my troops, since even my Wyvern will have just as difficult of a task in wounding them as would my Night Goblins. Except, that is, for the Giant. As solid as the Sphinxes are, they are extremely slow at an initiative of 1, which makes them a perfect target for the Giants attack. In fact, every single attack possible from the Giant will prove effective against a Sphinx and so he shouldn't have a problem taking one, or even two, out completely.

I know for a fact the Tomb King book will be allowed in the tournament, and I expect to face at least one of them. So that does it then? The big guy is in?