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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the Warpstoned merge

A quick note on the previously announced merging of Troll Tales and the Warpstoned blog: it seems Blogger is causing a lot of problems for us and preventing Niclas' blog to be imported here. Most likely, it appears, due to the amount of posts on Troll Tales making it difficult to import even more of them. So we shall see, perhaps in due time we will be able to create a home for both our blogs that we can be satisfied with. Either way, you should expect to hear more from Niclas and his Skaven (and other projects) here on Troll Tales from time to time, as a guestblogger if nothing else. Until then, I recommend that all of you take the time to visit his Warpstoned blog for plenty of beautiful Skaven painting and tactical articles.