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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tournament report #1 Fancy Fanatic '11

So the Fancy Fanatic tournament was good fun - four games, fun opponents and a laid back atmosphere (much thanks to the booze, I imagine). With the release of the new army book on the very same day, and much due to the casualness of the tournament, we were allowed to use our new armies for the night.

Our team of three were all bringing armies from the Forces of Destruction, with two Orcs and Goblins armies and a Skaven, each of us bringing a monster: A Wyvern, A Spider and a Hellpit Abomination. I was really excited to see how my Wyvern would do on such a low point level, as I expected very few armies to be prepared to deal with it.

We saw a handful of the the big beasties that evening

Game 1: Warriors of Chaos 12-8
My opponent had brought two units of 18 Chaos Warriors, flanked by warhounds and led by a Sorcerer Lord on a Disk, who also had brought a Hellcannon. He went classic Hammer and Anvil with his troops, with the Tzeentch Warriors wielding hand weapons and shields, while the other Warriors were carrying the Banner of Rage.

I knew the Hellcannon would be a problem so my Warboss flew upwards and charged into the monster in the second, after only suffering a single direct hit on my Shieldgobbos that almost scared them off the field. Still, it took me five rounds of combat to finally kill it, after suffering two wounds on my Warboss from the wretched thing. Seriously, the Monsters and Handlers rule that lets one of the handlers take the wound inflicted on the monster on a 5+ is frustrating! That Hellcannon is in reality sporting 8 wounds on T6. That's a handful!

I managed to avoid the Tzeentch Warriors for the first four rounds, while feeding the Night Goblins to the Frenzied Warriors who overran into the other side of the field. The Sorcerer Lord was mainly hoping to scare my troops off the battlefield, casting Pandemonium non-stop, but with little combat and the Hellcannon locked in battle with the Warboss there wasn't many chances for the panic to spread.

In the latter rounds I had finally disposed off the Hellcannon in the back of their ranks and was able to hit the Tzeentch Warriors from several locations. The Trolls went into the front to soak up their hits, while the Boar Chariot and the Warboss on Wyvern charged a flank. That sent the Warriors running and they were quickly chopped down. After that, there was no way I was tackling the Frenzied Halberdier Warriors and I was unable to hunt down the flying Sorcerer Lord. However, having only given up cheap Goblin units to keep the Northmen occupied while I took down half of their army, I came up on top points wise.

Although the Skaven had struggled mightily against Wood Elves with plenty of Forest Spirits (including a Treeman and 6 Treekins), both of the Greenskins had performed well, with my teammate Wille getting 17-3 win against a High Elven force.

A gorgeous looking Dark Elf army went up against a newly painted Orcs & Goblins force

Game 2: Orcs & Goblins 14-6
Next up was a grudge match against a fellow Greenskin player, bringing an All-Goblin force with Trolls and an Arachnarok Spider. The force also included two units of 40 Night Goblins led by a Warboss with a Wizards Hat, two units of Wolf Riders, five Wolf Chariots in total and a Mangler Squig.

I was curious to see how he was going to use the Spider, and deployed my Trolls to hopefully take care of it while my Boyz and Wyvern were going to focus in on the Night Goblin mobs. Unfortunately for the big spider, one of my shamans cast the Gift of the Spider God on the 20 Bowgobbos and after two rounds of shooting the spider was down to 3 wounds. Enraged, it hurried into combat with the Trolls and was met by a Fanatic to take off the remaining wounds before the Trolls smacked it down.

On the other side of the field, the Wizard Warboss had rolled up the Lore of Light and managed to throw all his dice at a magic missile inflicting plenty of D6 hits that killed off my Wyvern. Leaving the Warboss stranded on his own, he still managed to charge a unit of 3 Wolf Chariots in the flank, which forced them to flee off the field. In his eagerness to take out my Wyvern, my opponent had left one of his flanks exposed to my Shieldgobbos, who charged in and beat them in combat.

Having lost only my Wyvern compared to his Spider, Trolls and majority of Wolf Chariots, I was looking at a 20-0 but the game took forever to finish. It was obvious my opponent wasn't used to playing with that amount of units, of which the Goblins are known for, so he struggled mightely to keep a good gaming pace. As such we failed to complete the game in time, which meant I didn't receive as high of a point total as I probably should have.

Sadly, things had not gone nearly as good for my teammates, and the Skaven had been unable to swarm an Ogre army, losing the Abomination early to a spell and struggling against an over-eager Slavegiant. My Greenskinned teammate had also suffered at the hands of the Lizardmen, who managed to cut his forces down with the aid of his Skink Chief ontop of an Ancient Stegadon while wielding the Warspear. Makes for some 'ard hittin' that's for sure.

So our team received a thumpin' but we were having a blast and were eager for more battles. It would have to wait for a while though, as the catered food had been served and it was time for a dinner break.