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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tournament report #2 Fancy Fanatic '11

After plenty of drinks and a good, catered dinner, we all prepared to continue the tournament. We were well into the evening by now, it was dark outside, but the atmosphere was great and the interior of the place we were provided an excellent backdrop to wargaming.

Game 3: Warriors of Chaos 20-0
For the third game I was picked to go up against another Warriors of Chaos player, bringing two units of Tzeentch warriors, supported by a Warshrine, a unit of Chaos Knights and two units of warhounds. He was led by an Exalted Champion and his Battle Standard Bearer with the book for the Shadow Lore.

Without any shooting and only a single spell (Pit of Shades) I knew I could take my time getting into positions. My Warboss on his Wyvern flew up the right flank, cleared it off warhounds while threatening a flank charge on the Warriors. That forced them to keep turning around, trying to keep me in line of sight while my shamans inflicted itches on the Knights, making it difficult for them to move anywhere.

By my turn 3, I finally decided it was time to engage one of the warrior units, so my orc boyz charged in flanked by two boar chariots while my trolls hit their flanks. The Warboss called for the Waaagh, charged into the Warshrine, broke it in combat and overran into the big battle. All of those units crashed into them at the same time was too much for the Warriors too handle, and so they broke and were chased down. One of the boar chariots reformed and charged the flank of the Chaos Knights as they charged into the gobbos, who would be steadfast for half an ages if necessary. The boars managed to kill off two of the knights which broke them as well, while the Warboss and the rest of the army reformed to engage the second Warrior unit.

By the end of the fourth turn, none of his units were left standing, while in return he had taken down my trolls to half strength after getting off a Pit of Shades that killed off a few of the beasties. Although I got a 20-0 in my game, my Orcs and Goblins teammate continued to struggle, losing out against the Dark Elf player he had been slotted against, while the Skaven were doing alright against Lizardmen. So well, in fact, that despite the Dark Elf dominance of the greenskins we ended up winning the matchup by a decent margin.

Here, Dark Elves went up against Lizardmen

Game 4: Dwarfs 14-6
Going into our final game of the night, we were slotted against an all-Dwarf, all-Anvil team. This was the nightmare matchup for me, as the Anvil can prevent my Wyvern from flying while a Dwarf cannon can take it out immediately. Luckily, my matchup did not include a cannon, instead my opponent was bringing two big units of Miners and Longbeard Rangers led by a Thane of Brotherhood with the Battle Standard. So in fact the only thing he deployed was the Anvil in the eastern corner, while I deployed straight opposite it, close to the flank to prevent reinforcements from arriving there. I left my Bowgobbos in the back to prevent rear appearances, and used my Shieldgobbos to guard the soft flank where I expected him to appear.

And he did, with the Rangers scouting the western flank and one of the Miners appearing in the in the southwest. They charged in but came within 8" of the bowgobbos who released a fanatic. Unable to halt their momentum, the Miners lost ten of their numbers before combat and the Night Gobbos were steadfast, reformed into a Horde, and eventually defeated the Miners over three turns of combat. I sacrificed a shaman to keep the Rangers away from meaningful combat, until finally I could overrun with my Night Gobbos into their flank, while combo-charging them with both my boar chariots.

The second unit of Miners appeared to guard the Anvil against the Boyz, Trolls and Wyvern. A charge into the Boyz failed to break them, what with them being steadfast and all, and with the Trolls in the side and the Wyvern on a corner, the Miners were defeated. The Trolls could then charge the Anvil by the end of the game, but with so few of them able to fight against war machines, could only inflict two of the five wounds required to destroy the Anvil with their vomits. The Wyvern on the other hand reformed from combat and charged back south, into the battle between Shieldgobbos and Longbeards, who had destroyed both the chariots. With help of the Warboss, the Rangers finally broke and were chased down, although the remaining two miners from earlier rallied on Insane Courage in the end, preventing me from getting more points for the win.

In the other matchups, the second Orcs and Goblins had been destroyed early 0-20, with a cannon spelling doom for his Arachnarok Spider, while the Skaven had fought the Grudgethrowing Dwarf to a draw, meaning we lost the last game of the tournament. Still, I was happy with my performance, winning all of my games by decent margin and getting 60 of 80 available tournament points. I was particularly happy to have done so well against Warriors of Chaos, an army I've lost against in the past. As my teammates had been struggling a bit, our total score was slightly over 100 points landing us somewhere in the middle of the field.

We weren't saddened by this though, as the evening had been wonderful and the event a great success. Team tournaments usually bring out the more casual and friendly side of the local scene, and it had been a joy to be a part of.