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Saturday, March 12, 2011

O&G vs Dark Elves, 2500 points

Here's a picture of the deployment phase from one of my recent games this past week. I'm going up against Dark Elves at 2500 points.

The game went very well and was pretty loopsided. It started out with me getting into combat with my Black Orcs against his Hydra (closest to the camera) and chased it down after beating it in combat. He countered that by getting a Pit of Shades spell through against my trolls, but it scattered 6" and missed them completely. I followed that by smacking in the Foot of Gork on higher power, which basically won me the game. It stomped down on the Spearmen killing 17, then continued by stomping 16 out of his 20 Black Guards, before stomping my own Black Orcs for good measure. It completely ruined his two major combat blocks, and after that it was mostly mop up work. He did get through the Mindrazor on the remaining Spearmen which helped them kill my Wyvern (although the Warboss survived). The game ended with the Black Orcs even killing off the Supreme Sorceress with the Pendant of Khaleth.

The Winds of Magic were strong in this battle, with five or six rounds resulting in a maxed out power pool of 12 dice. At one point the Sorceress tossed 10 dice at the Mindrazor, which was quite insane. I'm slowly getting around to realizing that the 6th spells of our new lores can cripple an enemy army, just like their own spells can with ours. This battle certainly proved that.