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Monday, March 28, 2011

O&G vs Ogre Kingdoms, 2500 pts

This past Saturday I also found time to play two games at the 2500 point level, continuing the development of my upcoming tournament army. In the first game I fought the always loveable Benjamin and his Ogres with the Wizard Tyrant.

Greenskins against Ogres is always action-filled and packed with mayhem, and this game certainly did not disappoint. The Wizard Tyrant had to go with Lore of Metal - hardly an optimal lore against lightly armored Orcs - but rolled up the Searing Doom spell (1 or 2 D6 hits wounding on my armor save). Alongside the Tyrant, he had brought two units of 6 Ironguts, some Leadbelchers, two small unit of Bulls and 3 massive Rhinox Riders, as well as a Slaughtermaster and the Bruiser with the Battle Standard.

To start out the game, he threw six dice at the Searing Doom spell for Irresistible Force, targetting Yaisog and his Wyvern. Naturally, two dice got him 11 hits which, although wounding on 4+, killed off the beasty and left Yaisog scrambling for cover amongst the Savage Orcs. For his efforts, the Tyrant lost all his magic levels, and thus all his spells. On my turn he used the Hellheart, an item that makes any magic roll of a double result in a miscast on the Ogre table, and careless as I was, I risked three dice at a spell that got me in trouble immediately. The result was that my Great Shaman could no longer cast any of his spells. So for the remainder of the game, the magic phase consisted of the Slaughtermaster with the quite worthless Gut Magic going up against my Night Goblin with his signature spell. We both realized this was going to have to be decided in combat.

Other things of note:
  • Savage Orc Big 'Uns - With three characters now leading them, the savages declared a charge on some Bulls, who elected to flee, and so the Savages had little choice but to redirect into 6 Ironguts 14" away. Hardly a problem it would turn out, as the dice showed a double 6 and into battle they went, chopping the Guts down to a single ogre, who in turn fled and the resulting overrun actually had the savages catch the Bulls, who had fled earlier in the phase. That allowed them to reform into the flank of the Tyrant's unit of Ironguts, having gone about 24" in a single turn. An impressive sprint to be certain!
  • Rhinox Riders - After losing one of their brutes to a bouncing Mangler Squig, the remaining two overran into the Trolls and revealed their Banner of Eternal Flame after destroying some Wolf Riders. Although they cut down half of the trolls before they got to vomit on them, the Black Orcs counter-charged into the flank of the Rhinoxes while a Boar Chariot hit the other side, and that many high strength attacks was enough to even topple the massive brutes, flaming weapons or not.
  • Ironguts - The Tyrant, the Bruiser and their Ironguts in return charged the Black Orcs to claim vengeance, and the large mass of bloated fat proved too much for even the most resilient of Greenskins, who were chased down. The Savages Orcs marched back towards my own deployment zone, eager to fight what remained of the Ironguts, but Benjamin elected to settle for the draw after that and avoided combat for the final turns. The bloody affair had us at a tie for victory points, with me coming up on top with a mere 15 points or so.