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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kill Count: 2500 pts O&G #1

So I've played three games with my planned tournament list at 2500 points, against two Dark Elves opponents and one Warriors of Chaos. All of them have been clear victories for me, so obviously I've been very pleased with the army so far. Although I lost him to a Hydra with Killing Blow in one game, overall Yaisog the Warboss on Wyvern has been doing really well. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference he makes against Warriors of Chaos compared to had he been leading a unit on foot. Granted, I've yet to go up against armies that would really threaten him (I've got a Skaven matchup coming up) but even so, I've started to realize that it's not the biggest of deals if he goes down.

In matchups where my opponent has brought cannons take takes out the Wyvern early, the Warboss is still well protected with the Charmed Shield and the Amulet of Preservation, so he most likely won't die from the first shot even if his beasty does. Seeing as Wyverns are quite cheap these days, it's not a heavy loss (although some mobility is gone), I just need to keep him close to infantry units in those matchups so that he can join up with them and continue lead the army forward.

A couple of other thoughts:
  • I'm really happy with both of my main combat blocks being Immune to Psychology and dishing out S5 attacks, and both of them likely at leadership 8 on their own. The loss of a general haven't hurt them overmuch so far, since the Shieldgobbos are fine with the Goblin Big Boss leading them, and in a pinch my Black Orc BSB can join up with the Trolls to make sure they won't get confused.
  • Really need to remember to move out of a unit with the BSB in case they're going up against hard hitting troops. Twice now I've lost him due to my own poor generalship by having him remain in my Savage Orcs as they're going up against S5 or S6 enemies. They will prevail on their own, so I really should just move him out of there to keep him alive longer.
  • Toying with the idea of replacing the Black Orc BSB with a Savage Orc one. If he joins up with the Big 'Uns and the Savage Orc Shaman, he gets a 5+ ward save for free. That said, I risk getting animosity on my first turn which will ruin at least one magic phase for me. Besides, since I'm running a Black Orcs unit I'd like one of my characters to be a Black Orc as well. It's only fair, so.
  • Sort of considering dropping my fanatic delivery system of 20 Night Goblins with bows and replace them with 20 Common Goblins with bows and Nasty Skulkers, while giving the fanatic to the Shieldgobbos instead. Potentially useful as a sacrifical unit that shoots down fast cavalry early on, then suicide charges into units carrying wizards, hoping the Skulkers will strike a Killing Blow before they're hacked down. I would have to give up the lone Troll though for this to happen, and I'm hesitant to be doing that. Could try it out for a game or two though. 
  • I replaced the Warrior Bane on my Great Shaman, shuffled some points around and got him a Talisman granting Magic Resistance(1) instead. It makes the Savage Orcs get 4+ ward save against magic damage, and gives him and my BSB the same ward save against Lore of Death sniper attacks. If I do go up against Lore of Death at some point, I'll just keep both of those important characters in that unit and feel moderately safe (until my opponent just decides to throw all his dice at the Purple Sun, that is, ah don't we just love the #6 spells of this new edition).