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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wyvern Waaagh vs Ogre Kingdom, 1500 pts

So I went down to the gaming club and ended up facing my good friend Benjamin and his Ogres, whom you've heard about before, but this time only at 1500 points. It was going to be interesting to see how the Wyvern Waaagh! would fare against a bunch of Monstrous Infantry. He brought his Tyrant with the Wizardry Hat (an excellent choice in my mind) and this time rolled up the Shadow Lore, with Wither as the focal spell. The Tyrant was leading a unit of 7 Ironguts while his Brusier mate brought the Battle Standard to a unit of 3 Ironguts. He also brought two small units of Bulls, two Leadbelchers. and some Gnoblars. He deployed in the north, around a Blood Forest which he wanted to stay clear of. You can see how our armies matched up before battle begun.

Please excuse the unpainted Wyverns and Chariots. As you know, I'm working on those!

The Green Tide surges forward, eager to get into combat. The Wyvern flies east to threaten the soft flank of the Ogres, while the Trolls marches center, undaunted by the prospect of combat against the Ogre Bulls. The Night Goblins moves into the forest, only to find it's a venom thicket, neat! They lose a bunch of gits but who cares, they're goblins, and now their sword tips are poisonous!

The Ogres mostly shuffle into positions, not seeing any decent charges available, while their Shadow magic does little.

The Wyvern declares a charge against the Bulls on the flank, who decide to flee, and so the Warboss redirects into the Gnoblars and is joined by the Orc Boyz and the chariot, but it fails the charge. Still, after one round of combat, 18 of the 20 Gnoblars are dead, and so they break and flee, and the Orcs restrain, confident they won't return. The Trolls move up close to the Bulls, not yet engaging, mainly to prevent the Tyrant and his Ironguts to charge the Boyz (not enough space to wheel) while staying out of the sight from the Bruiser and the Ironguts on the western flank. The Gobbos move to the brink of the forest, as illustrated by the GW dice in the picture. They lose a bunch of their numbers, but who cares!

The Ogres mainly reform, hoping to Wither the Wyvern and the Warboss while shooting it full of lead, but only inflicts a single wound on the Warboss.

The Boyz then charges into the Leadbelchers for shooting at their boss, as the Wyvern takes to the air and lands at the back of the lines, behind the Ironguts. To the west, close the picture, the Night Goblins suffer animosity and are forced to charge. It was hardly part of the plan, pitting gobbos against Ironguts, but the Boss will roll with it and orders a Boar Chariot to charge alongside of it. Sadly, the gobbos don't reach far enough and the chariot is smashed after barely hurting the Guts. In the center, the Trolls and the Bulls continue to throw insults at one another, with neither side wanting to charge. While the Trolls should win that battle for sure, it will reveal them to the massive Irongut unit behind them, which is a battle they do not want. Not yet anyway.

To the dismay of the Overtyrant Benjamin, the Leadbelchers are massively defeated in battle, but holds on for another round, on Insane Courage! Why, you might think, as surely that's a good thing, but actually that prevents the Ironguts behind them to charge the Orc Boyz in return. Instead, they take a few big steps backwards towards the Wyvern in their rear, and the recently rallied Bulls out on the eastern flank charges through the forest into the flank of the Boyz. The Orcs lose combat, but holds on with the Warboss in sight and the Battle Standard in the unit. Had the Leadbelchers fled on the first try, and been replaced by the Tyrant's unit, things would have looked a lot worse.

On the western flank, the Bruiser and his Ironguts declares a charge against the second chariot behind the Trolls after destroying the first, which forces it to flee, and so they redirect into the Night Goblins, killing a bunch of snotfaced gits and winning combat easily. But the Warboss barks from afar, and with the Battle Standard nearby, the goblins hold on for another round.

Seeing the exposed rear of the Bruiser unit, the Wyvern declare a charge from the back and also calls for the Waaaagh! as the time for stompin' faces is now, and if the Ironguts don't break he'll be in a lot of trouble. He flies into combat and kills two ogres before they even get to strike. They ogres lose by plenty, and with only a Standard Bearer and the Bruiser BSB left standing, both go down with the flags. The Wyvern reforms out of line of sight from the Ironguts.

Hearing the call for Waaaagh! the Trolls finally goes headfirst into the Bulls and destroys them after only taking a single wound from a club. They restrain from the pursuit, because all the while a Night Goblin Shaman has gotten off the Itching spell with plenty of power on the Tyrant's Ironguts, meaning they are now moving at M:1. With luck, they won't make it all the way into combat.

On the eastern flank, the Boyz have reformed their facing to tackle the Bulls in the front, and so the Bowgobbos charges into the flank of the fat ones. Together, they break their foe and the goblins run the survivors down and stabs them with their daggers.

Needing 8" to reach the Trolls, this would normally mean an automatic charge for the Ironguts, but the Tyrant and his unit are so busy scratching those hard-to-reach places after the goblin spell, they come up short and fails their charge.

Instead, the Trolls, the Boyz and the Wyvern then charges into Ironguts on their last turn, feeling very confident about their chances. The Tyrant barks out a challenge, and since the Orc Boss was cut down by a lucky Gnoblar fork, it's either the Big Boss Standard Bearer or the Wyvern Warboss who has to accept it. Realizing there's a good chance I might lose either to all those Ogre attacks striking before I can, the Big Boss steps up and is cut down. Still, that leaves the Warboss to do some choppin' on his own, and together with the Trolls he takes out 4 Ironguts before they get to swing their big weapons. Once they do, most of their hits are regenerated, much to the frustration of the Ogres, who break and flee, and the Wyvern overruns into the single Ogre Bull, recently rallied after fighting the Trolls earlier.

And that was, as they say, all she wrote. Although I doubt either of these armies brought a scribe.

The Orcs & Goblins won quite convincingly, only having lost their BSB and a chariot, while the Ogres were swept from the table. Although every combat was quite one-sided, as every time I lost a combat I remained steadfast, and every single combat the Ogres lost they were testing on double 1's, I think a lot of the battle was won in the movement phase. Especially as I got the first turn and was able to move my Wyvern early to threaten his soft flank while placing my trolls to prevent the Tyrant and the Ironguts from getting off a charge. I believe that was the mistake Benjamin did, as he put his best fighting unit behind a unit of Bulls that couldn't really get out of the way without charging into the Trolls, which would have allowed me to set up multiple charges in my own turn. Perhaps he would have been better off trying to get his best unit into combat early, trying to take out some of my troops. My two goblin shamans controlled the magic phase and probably won it for me, since I got off a few key spells when I needed to, which certainly helped me in winning so convincingly.

Oh, and I actually managed to make a charge from an average range! I found myself 11" away with my boyz and followed that by rolling a solid 8, which was above average! I'm very pleased with this. Hopefully it will be a sign of things to come.