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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A peak into 40k Orks

I never thought I'd write this, but after attending a small 40k tournament this weekend I actually tried out playing a few games of it and enjoyed it quite a bit. Predictably, I've thus spent the day thinking about my first ever non-fantasy army. Even though I like a few of them, the fact is that if I wouldn't collect a green army I'd regret if later. So I've decided on an Ork (urgh, notice the lack of a 'C' there?!) force. However, there's a few restrictions I'd impose upon myself to keep me from collecting the same type of greenskins I'm playing in Fantasy.

No Warboss, nor a Weirdboy. They're too much a like their Fantasy counterparts.
No hordes of Ork Boyz. I don't want an army that just wants to rush into combat, nor a swarm of models that takes forever to paint. Again, too much like my Fantasy.

Instead, I'd like a Mek/Technology army, since I love the idea of a steampunk Ork army with mechanical improvements, armors or vehicles. I want the army to have Big Meks and Pain Boyz, include a bunch of Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, perhaps even Meganobz, other vehicles and only a few Boyz and Gretchins. Does this sound possible?

I know quite a few of you, dear readers, dabble in the more futuristic side of Warhammer, so certainly you'll be able to provide more knowledge on this matter than myself. I'm looking at eventually building a 2000 point 40k Ork list, using the restrictions mentioned. Anyone out there who'd care to help me out?

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