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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tournament report: O&G 1500 pts, 2nd game

Next up I was slotted against an Empire army, lead by two Arch Lectors strange as though it may seem. Furthermore, the army had a second level Wizard with the Lore of Beasts, and a Captain holding the Battle Standard. One Arch Lector one foot was leading a large group of 30 Swordsmen, while the mounted Lector was riding with 6 Knights of the Inner Circle, wielding Great Weapons. Furthermore, the army had a 30 man strong unit of Spearmen, 20 Crossbowmen and 2 Mortars. Our blocks deployed straight across from the centre, while the Crossbowmen went west next to the Mortars across from my Squig Herd, and the Knights were unfortunate enough to go up against my trolls.

Turns 1-3
Early on, my Trolls led the march forward as they pressured the Knights to either attack (meaning certain doom most likely) or back away, which they did. My shaman managed to hex the Swordsmen with Gork'll Fix It (all 6's turns to 1's) who then suffered at the hands of my dual Rock Lobbers, as they could only save a wound by rolling 5's. Faced with such pressure, the Knights and the Swordsmen declared a charge against my Night Goblins and the Warboss, but as they had to roll at least 8 to make it, only the Knights got into combat, leaving the Swordsmen stranded with trolls in their flank. The stupid beasts would not disappoint, as they charged and forced the Swordsmen to retreat, which sent the Crossbowmen running off the field. Meanwhile, the Squig Herd suffered at the hands of the Mortars, while the Warboss beat the mounted Arch Lector in battle and eventually sent the Knights running, after a Wolf Chariot crashed into them.

Turns 3-6
With so many balls of teeth dieing from artillery fire, the Squig Herders couldn't keep up the proding and the entire unit started squabbling. To make the best out of the situation, the Snotlings moved up to redirect the Spearmen to overrun into the Herd. They took the bait, charged and killed the Snotlings, then continued into the Herd. It would prove fatal for them, as the Arrer Gobbos reformed against their flank in the next turn, then the Shaman conjured the Hand of Gork to throw them into battle, but blowing up his own head from the effort in an impressive shower of green and blood. As such, the Squig Herd fought the Spearmen in the front while the Goblins had their flank, and it mattered little that the Wizard had turned into a dragon, there were simply too many gobbos around. They crowded the men and chased them down, but not before losing the battle standard bearer to a spear thrust.

After sending the Knights running, the Night Goblins reformed against the rallied Swordsmen, but the little snots started fighting amongst each other, preventing the army from quickly surrounding the sole unit of men still standing bravely against the green tide. As such, there was not enough time to get into combat, what with trolls going stupid and gobbos being, well, typical squabbling gobbos. The Spear Chukkas finally managed to take out one of the Mortars, but not before one of them got the Warboss right in the head and killed him on the spot.

Still, even though I'd lost all my characters and was unable to reach the Swordsmen in time, I had a lot more units still standing on the battlefield, which gave me a moderate victory.

Result: WIN

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