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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2500 pts O&G for Härnösand Tournament

I've encountered some problems with my camera being unable to upload the pictures I'm taking to the computer, which is why I've been slow to some my painting progress as of late. Instead, I figured I'll show you an army list of 2500 points that I'm bringing to a tournament this upcoming weekend. I have included comments on each unit choice, including explanations on how I intend to use the unit in battle. If you have any comments or thoughts about my selections, I'd love to hear from you. With that said, here's my list.

Black Orc Warboss
Heavy Armor, Shield, Dragonhelm, Obsidian Blade, Dawn Stone, The Other Trickster's Shard
This is a combination I'm eager to try out. While I often went with the Akkrit Axe in the past (always re-roll misses), I've found that with a Shaman as the army mainstay, I'm re-rolling misses on most rounds anyway. Instead, I'm trying out the Obsidian Blade that cuts through armor (allows no save) combined with the Shard that forces enemies to re-roll succesfull ward saves. With 4 attacks at S5, along with a timely spell boost, he's more of an assassin type boss. He's only sitting on 3+ re-rollable armor save, but with T5 and 3 wounds, he should stick around, since he'll only be accepting challenges if the Shaman has buffed him in the magic phase.

Orc Great Shaman
Level 4, Waaagh! paint, Talisman of Preservation, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Shrieking Blade
Strange as it may seem, this Shaman actually wants to see combat, as it gives him a total of +6 when casting spells. His T5 and 4+ ward save should be enough to keep him safe through his casting. The Ruby Ring will allow me to cast a fireball if I'm ever up against a Hydra (followed by the Foot of Gork once regeneration is down), while the Shrieking Blade was just an added bonus as I had 10 points to spare. If my enemy ever fails their fear test against the blade, it just means my boyz will have an easier time hitting them. Small risk, high reward thing.

Black Orc Big Boss
BSB, Armor of Silvered Steel, Ironcurse Icon
I'm trying a list without the Spirit Totem for this one, hoping my magic defense will prove enough still. My BSB has got a 2+ armor save which hopefully keeps him alive for a few rounds of combat.

Night Goblin Shaman
Staff of Sneaky Stealin'
For a mere 100 points, I get one extra dispel dice (and one less power dice for the enemy), an extra channeling attempt every magic phase and the chance for a timely goblin spell every now and then. A bargain in my mind.

Night Goblin Big Boss
Giant Cave Squig, Light Armor, Shield of Ptolos, Martog's Best Basha, Collar of Zorga, Potion of Speed
With no slots, this is another one of my utility goblin characters that I'm so fond of. This guy will boooooooing! towards the enemy missile units that can do nothing but hold against his charge (due to his random movement). A definite missile magnet, which is why he's wearing the shield that gives him a 1+ armor save against missiles. In battle, he'll be dishing out 6 S5 attacks on initiative 5(8) which should be enough to break the aforementioned missile units after a turn or two. Add to that a collar that makes beasties and monsters unable to hit him on anything but 6's, and he'll be able to take out salamanders and razordons as well. All for about 130 points. Low risk, high reward character.

28 Orc Boyz x2
Choppa, Shield, Full Command
My two anvil-units. They will be deployed in the middle and led by my Warboss and the Big Boss respectively. The Great Shaman will go in the unit that's likely to see combat first, preferably against something not entirely nasty. I'll keep both units within 12" of each other to benefit from the General's inspiring presence and the BSB's re-roll. As anvils, their role will be to last for a round (two the most) against the enemy until another unit of mine can hit the enemy in the side.

2 Snotling Swarms x2
While worthless in combat, with their new Skirmish rule Snotlings can actually do me a lot of good with their mobility. Mostly, they'll be pushed ahead of the Boyz to take the first charge of the enemy, either die or stubbornly remain in place, which puts the enemy in range of unfavourable counter-charges in the next turn.

20 Night Goblins
Shortbows, Nets, Musician
The threat of fanatics alone is reason enough to field a small unit of these gits. They'll serve as a weak hammer unit of a sort, they'll hit the flank of the enemy fighting my boyz and throw their nets at them, basically making my boyz T5, which mean they'll be steadfast longer.

5 Wolf Riders
Shortbows, Musician
In 7th edition, I never went to a 2000+ game without at least double the amount of fast cavalry, but in this edition I've yet to find them as invaluable. They'll still have their use, redirecting or threatening weak units in the back.

12 Black Orcs
Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
I'd have liked to field 18 of them, but since I only have 12 of them painted I'll give my 7th edition unit a try, only with a new magic banner. These will be one of my main anvil units, as when they hit a flank combined with a timely spell to give them ASF and re-roll misses, Black Orcs are one of our most hard-hitting units. Their flaming attacks will give them a decent chance against monsters with regeneration, but again, that would have been a better idea had there been more of the ladz in the unit.

Squig Herd
4 teams of 20 models
Cheap, hard-hitting anvil unit that will cause damage to enemies even if killed. Smack the normal night goblins in one flank and the Herd in the other, while the Boyz hold the line in the front, and even Chaos Warriors need to be worried.

Orc Boar Chariot & Goblin Wolf Chariot
One of each for diversity. These are support units that will charge alongside the Boyz. I often deploy these together, as that makes their combined charge that much more devastating and often enough to break an enemy in the first round of combat.

2 Spear Chukkas, 1 Rock Lobber, 1 Doom Diver
Cheap artillery. I think both a second lobber and another diver would be a good idea, but lack of models limit my options here. Besides, I'll be Waaagh!ing and fighting so much, they won't have much to fire at for very long. Still, they're good to have to keep enemies honest and moving towards a confrontation.

6 Trolls
The new mainstay of my army, most likely. With monstrous infantry getting such a boost, there's very little that can survive a battle against these fellows. Their regeneration makes them so resilient, there's often very little you can do (unless you've got flaming weapons). Another anvil unit and one that I'll often wait until last until deploying. With so many units, that often means I'm placing them exactly where they need to be, such as to hunt down enemy cavalry for example.

That's the list I'm bringing this weekend, which should hopefully serve me well. It's a combat focused, magic supported army with quite a few utility pieces and diverters, while still keeping true to the "Horde" mentality of the greenskins. I'd love your thoughts on this list, things to look out for and possible ways in which you'd engage it if you were my enemy.

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