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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wrapping up the 7th edition 2010

With 8th edition just around the corner, it's time to make a summary of my battles in 7th edition during 2010. When I started out with O&G last year, I finished 2009 with a winning percentage of about 25%, winning about every forth battle my orcs entered. This year, I've had far better success as I started to realize just how important the movement phase is for the overall outcome. You just can't throw your ladz into combat against any enemy unit, since most armies are nastier than us. O&G in 7th edition was all about sacrificing disposable units for the "greater good" - use something cheap and make them over-perform by taking out, or tying up, something more expensive and much nastier enemies.

So with that said, here's a table that details all my battles this year against particular enemies.

Enemy Total Victory Draw Loss
Beastmen 1 0 0 1
Bretonnia 2 2 0 0
Daemons of Chaos 4 1 0 3
Dark Elves 2 2 0 0
Dwarfs 2 2 0 0
Empire 4 3 1 0
Lizardmen 8 3 2 3
Ogre Kingdoms 3 3
0 0
Orcs & Goblins 2 2 0 0
Skaven 1 1 0 0
Warriors of Chaos 2 1 0 1
Totals 30 19 3 9

The most pleasing part of it is that I managed to fight 30 battles in about 20 weeks, meaning 1.5 battles a week. The goal for 8th edition should be to maintain that activity, despite moving to the States.

I won 19 out of those 30 games and lost 9, which I consider very good numbers for me. I fought Lizardmens more than any other enemy, which is understandable since my neighbor collects them, and our tournaments this year were crawling with them. Overall, I had the best success against shooty or balanced armies since they either couldn't shoot down all the greenskins marching at them, or were overwhelmed in close combat by my green horde. I had the most difficulties fighting armies that were superior to me in close combat, in particular Daemons and Warriors of Chaos. Since I rarely run magic heavy, nor could field that much shooting, my Horde struggles against things that won't die when I hit them and strike me harder than I can retaliate.

It will be interesting to see whether some of these things change with the new rules. Bring on 8th edition I say!

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