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Friday, June 18, 2010

Orc Boyz painted

Here they are, the cornerstone of any successful Waaaagh! - two units of Orc Boyz!

Equipped with what should resemble choppa and shields, which should continue being the best choice in the next edition as well. 25 boyz in each unit, just as the rulebook seem to promote units of 30 means I might have to pick up a 40k pack and expand them.

The idea color wise was to use light browns for their tattered clothes, hopefully making their skin color pop out more than had I used darker clothes. To provide a spark of contrast, I use red on their shields and bits of armor. The checker patterns, while by default should be black and white, are actually beige and brown, which along with a wash and some metal drybrushing made the weapons still look a bit worn and rusty.

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