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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Boar Boyz have arrived, and more might be coming

A big thank you to The Trading Post for featuring this blog on its Trader of the Week section, and hello to anyone who's found their way over here due to it. You're just in time, look what I got today.

There's a lottery going down tomorrow at the local GW store, with the prize being either two boxes of Boar Boyz, or a box of Plastic Trolls. You get one ticket for each box you pre-ordered (so I got two) and an extra ticket if you paid in advance (which I did). Furthermore, if you picked them up before noon on the 22nd, they'll get you another two tickets. Obviously, I did that too, so I'm down for 5 tickets in the lottery tomorrow, which should give me a decent chance of taking home the prize.

If I do win it, I'll probably take the trolls. Fingers crossed!

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