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Friday, April 2, 2010

Troll Tales

It's been quiet around here for the last couple of days, mainly because I've been working on a new layout and preparing the new phase of this little blog project of mine. I'm going to be making some changes, based primarily on what I enjoy posting about the most – Wargaming, and WHFB in particular.

What started as an academic escapade in game theory with articles arguing this and that, eventually developed into a blog of 'all things gaming' that allowed me to post more specifically about my RPG sessions and Warhammer projects. Lately, I've felt that this approach made the blog branch into too many separate paths, resulting in that none of them were really given the amount of attention it deserved due to my own time and energy constraints. So it was time to make a decision and figure out what, exactly, the focus of my blog would be.

I found the answer in my own blog reading habits. Like many others of you I'm sure do as well, I tend to subscribe to all kinds of blogs I come across and find even remotely interesting, about all kinds of things gaming-wise. When organizing my RSS reader however, I realized that the blogs labeled 'RPGs' or 'MMOs' from time to time could have dozens of unread posts, that I would then skim through mostly out of guilt for not keeping up with on a regular basis. On the other hand, all the hobby and Warhammer blogs in my reader would be read and often commented upon on the same day of their posting. The conclusion was simple, and I now had the focus of my own blog established.

The FFF will from here on be known as Troll Tales and will focus primarily on Warhammer, in particular the Orcs & Goblins army. I will continue my weekly paint log, and with more time to devote to the subject, I'll also try to provide more WIP pictures. I'll also write down as many battle reports as possible, detailing the struggles of Da Waaaaaaaaaagh! as it seeks to destroy anything that stands against the horde.

This also means that I'll be able to better promote the blog in the gaming circles that I frequent, and I'd also appreciate any help my readers can lend me in spreading the word of the blog and (hopefully) finding me more followers.

Some articles will remain for a time, as they're being linked and used for my various applications I'm filing this semester. In due time, however, they'll be moved to a separate portfolio and this space will be solely devoted to tales of orcish conquest.

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